Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 20//Handwriting

Bible verses written on my journal.
Foster The People concert ticket envelope.
Scribbles during meeting. I was bored heh.
Day #20: Handwriting
{February Photo A Day Challenge}

This is a true story and I don't mean to brag or anything. Just something to share :D  I have been told by people, not one but a few that I do have a nice handwriting and every time when I get complimented by this, it does put a big smile on my face. I mean I don't get compliments a lot, seriously and having this low self esteem issue doesn't help either. So I can say that personally, my handwriting is something that I can feel proud of myself...among other things haha. I have always been fascinated by those old cursive handwriting since young and I gotta say, my dad was my biggest influence in learning the art of writing cursive-ly. I always look at my dad's handwriting in awe and wishing that I could have pretty handwriting just like his. 

I remembered my handwriting was different during my school days. Back in primary and secondary school, I still can write each alphabet one by one without making it look cursive but now, I can't do it anymore. Well, not that I mind at all cos I am liking my handwriting style at the moment :) There's one thing that I would hope to master in the future and that is writing good calligraphy. It is something that I wish I can be good at so that I could write all the awesome stuff for wedding invitations :) Yeap, will definitely work on it!

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