Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 21

Day #21: A Favourite Photo Of You
{February Photo A Day Challenge}

Wow...today's photo challenge is pretty hard! I mean trying to find one favourite photo from your album is not exactly an easy task because in my case, I have too many favourite photos! But I decided to choose this one because I thought it was pretty funny and cute at the same time :) Don't you just enjoy looking at childhood photos? I know I do! I've posted this photo before in my blog and it is up again today sort of to remind me how life was all smiles, laughter and not so many worries back in the days. I might be 10 or 11 years old in this photo...I can't recall. All I can remember was this photo was taken at my aunty Patricia's house in Kg. Limbanak. I used to go there almost every weekend with my brother when we were younger. I'm also not sure whether Anne and I planned to wear similar clothes at that time haha. But look at us, looking cool with our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirts :) Actually,  my favourite turtle wasn't Leonardo. I like Raphael...you know the red colour one. Anne was quite a tomboy back then. She likes having short boy cut hair and plays football with her brothers. I, on the other hand, well I'm that fat cina face girl that people tend to bully and call any names that they could relate to what else but FAT. *sigh*

I know I am still a plus size now but I *think* I've lost some of the baby fats, no? Anyway, Arnold (the one in the middle)...I can't even explain how extremely cute he is in this photo! It's like I could just stare at him for hours! And having him leaning on my shoulder and holding my hand? I didn't knew he had such cousinly love towards me hahahaha. Now, he's 24 years old and he's still cute but way much annoying  haha *kidding* But we're still pretty close...in fact all of us cousins still are. I remembered there was this time Anne and I were interrogating Arnold about one of his ex-girlfriends and it totally made us laugh out loud when he willingly shared some of the details. But then, that's probably a story that I shouldn't really share it here haha.

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