Sunday, February 05, 2012

Day 5//Photo A Day Challenge

Day #5: 10am
{February Photo A Day}

Well, technically this wasn't taken at 10am sharp because at 10am, I had just woke up haha. This was taken around 10.30ish while I was waiting for the bus to go for Sunday Mass. Pretty hot day today but it did rained in the evening. Didn't do much anyway, I was supposed to continue spring clean my room just be be ready for my special 'guest' who came back from Melbourne tomorrow haha but yes, I was lazy plus my throat hasn't been treating me nicely the whole day! 

Hope you guys had a great Sunday. It's another long weekend here so enjoy the public holidays! Manchester vs Chelsea match really soon!!! I know Man Utd lost to their rival Liverpool 2 weeks ago, but Imma cross my fingers and hope they'll win this match later :D #GGMU

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