Monday, February 06, 2012

Day 6//Photo A Day Challenge

Day #6: Dinner
{February Photo A Day Challenge}

Can I just say that anyone who thought Chelsea could've won last night totally did not see it coming when Man Utd fired back 3 goals to make it a draw? Hahaha...okay, to be honest, when I was reading the live commentary via soccernet (I didn't managed to watch the match because nobody wants to go with me pffft) I too, thought it's gonna be another disappointing match for Man Utd but I did kept my head up and it did paid off! Whatever you're gonna say about how unfair the penalties were given last night, well...I guess it was just Man Utd's lucky day! Plus, it's ENGLISH FOOTBALL. Of course there's gonna be drama from time to time right? Anyway, a draw is better than losing to the Blues :D 

So day 6 on February Photo a Day Challenge is, dinner. As you know I was down with fever and flu last week and I really wanted to eat comfort food instead of heavy meals. I remembered my mom gave me 2 packets of Chinese Herbs to bring to KL while I was back during the Christmas holidays. So I decided to cook Chinese Herbal soup because that was the only comfort food that I could think of at that time haha. Mind you, it was my first attempt but to be honest, it didn't turned out that bad. In fact, it was pretty my opinion anyway. I felt soooo much better the next day! I guess it must be the amount of ginger, onions and garlic that I have put in the soup. Those stuff are good! Seriously.

On the other note, my cousin Jess is arriving today! I haven't seen that lady for a year now and she'll be staying with me for a month! (She's gonna do her internship here in KL) I'm glad, at least I don't feel so #ForeverAlone now haha. 


SimplyHeather said...

That looks really good :)


Vivien Dumpangol said...

thank you! it was good hehe~