Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Eve & Jo

Really sorry for being M.I.A for a while. It's not that I didn't want to blog when I was in KK but I was err...lazy haha. Plus I was caught up with other things like watching TV shows on Astro, hanging out with my cousins, and watch more TV shows at home. Yes, I have indeed became a couch potato whenever I am home for the holidays. But now I am back here in the Peninsula, I shall try to update my blog regularly :D Anyway, the first two days of my arrival was filled things to do that I didn't had that much sleep at all. My flight back to KK was on Friday evening (Jan 20th) and I was supposed to fly at 6.25pm but on the way to the airport, I got a text from AirAsia saying that my flight was delayed for another hour which kinda suck because it means that I will only be arriving KK at 10pm! 

Once I reached home, I had a quick shower, drank the leftover soup that my mum had kept for me and then, asked my brother to send me to Simone's house where I was supposed to help her with our cupcake project for Eve's engagement the next day. As tired as I was, I had a pretty good time helping out and thanks also to Simone for serving me supper hehe. Kadazan food at its best! Pinasakan, hinava and bambangan are definitely love!

The next day on Jan 21st, was Eve & Jo's engagement day! Simone and I arrived at Eve's home about 9.30am-ish to set up the cupcakes before Jo and his entourage arrives. As you can see from the photos above, Simone, with the help of her 'minions' baked all the cupcakes and I on the other hand, helped to design the cupcake toppers. It was actually a surprise for Eve, because she didn't know we included the cupcake toppers with the cupcakes so, when she came out and saw it she was like, "Awwwww" Definitely a priceless moment heheh. The engagement process was done in the Kadazan way and it was actually quite fascinating to see the whole process eventhough I can only understand 'some' part of it since it was conducted in Kadazan language. If you don't already know, my Kadazan language is superfail dot com -___- 

Simone and I stayed till dinner because Eve totally banned us from going to Sunset Mass haha (I'm kidding) but we did had a good time hanging out with everyone especially Eve's family. They were soooooo nice and I definitely felt the love when I was there. I even felt like I was 'part' of their family! No kidding. So after dinner and a can of almost finished beer, Simone and I headed home while Eve and her cousins headed to Jo's place in Tg. Aru. Eve and Jo's relationship has come a looooong way...they've been together since I was still in college! So seeing them making the decision to get engaged and soon to marry was definitely a blessing. You should hear the story on how Jo proposed to Eve. Super funny haha! I am glad that I was able to attend this very special event seeing that Eve was also one of my childhood best friends. Missed Anne & Evor's engagement last time BOO! 

Congratulations to Eve and Jo! Many blessings ahead in your journey to becoming husband and wife soon. Thank you also to Eve's fam for always giving me and Simone a great hospitality whenever we are in Eve's place! Extra behind-the-scene photos coming soon!

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