Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Glee(Hee) Episode

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Everytime you see Michael Jackson performing live on the TV or watch his music videos, you'd be thinking there is definitely no other man or woman who can sing his songs or dance better than him, the one and only Michael Jackson. But having other musicians doing covers of his songs are good as well...provided that they are able to sing and dance well too. Of course not as great as the legend himself but good enough to let people be impressed of. (One good example is Chris Brown)

I am always happy whenever Glee decided to do Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 songs. The previous few episodes, they were singing ABC and I absolutely love it! Plus the fact that Mike Chang was given the chance to sing it with Tina was an added point too :) On this week's episode, the Glee cast were doing a tribute to Michael Jackson and can I just say that it was an AWESOME episode??? Okay, I might be bias on this because I am a Gleek and no matter what people say about this show I will still love it heh. But, Imma stay with my opinion. It was such a nice episode that I cannot stop smiling all the way :) Plus I love the choices of MJ songs that they had selected to sing. Started of with Blaine singing Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', then there was a battle between New Directions and The Warblers where they sang Bad. Oh, Mike Chang got the chance to sing again! This time around he was singing Scream with Artie. Mike Chang as Janet Jackson = awesome!

I also liked Quinn's rendition of Jackson 5's Never Say has been a while since she got a solo in the show and I think it was one of my favourite part in this week's episode. Another favourite part of mine has also got to be Sam and Mercedes doing a duet on Human Nature! It kinda made me almost wanna cry and I had no idea why haha. The cast also sang Ben, Smooth Criminal (which was also awesome), I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Rachel and Finn's duet) and their last song was Black Or White. I'm not sure which performance was my favourite, I guess I LOVE all of it but if I have to choose, then it'll probably be Human Nature or Never Say Goobye. I bet MJ would be proud knowing that his music has always touched people's heart and will continue to do so in the future. It's good that there's gonna be these younger generations who will keep his 'legacy' alive. Well, as long as they do it well and less auto-tuning perhaps? Hahaha. Go watch the GleeHee episode now if you haven't!

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