Saturday, February 25, 2012


Day #25: Green
{February Photo A Day Challenge}

Green is not exactly my favourite colour but I feel neutral about it...I mean I don't really mind having stuff that is green in colour. I don't really know what's my REAL favourite colour now. I used to like red and purple A LOT...still do but these days, I don't always feel the need to choose stuff that has red or purple in it. Plus, in an odd way, these days I seem to favour gray colours too. The photo above are some of my stuff that I can find at home which is in green I realised that I don't have that much of green stuff. That notebook with an elephant graphic is actually my journal. Been writing on it on and off since I came back from my studies in NZ. I really should start writing stuff in it again :) And that name card holder is where I put all my instant photos taken from the Fuji Instax cam.

Back in college I was pretty close with a buddy of mine, Ben. During that time he had a crush on a girl who loves green colour so everytime we talked about his crush, we'll address her as 'Green' hahaha. Lame code name but it works. When he calls me up from time to time we'd still call his crush the same thing. Man...good times, good times haha.

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