Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Le Valentine

Reunited and it feels so good!

So yesterday's Love Day was celebrated with two of my favourite people...well, at least it's better than staying at home and get emo about all the lovebirds out there haha. The plan was to go to a fancy-schmancy restaurant for dinner and we  kinda had to splurge a little because it's Valentine's Day and all... but we didn't do any reservations or chose a specific restaurant to have dinner so, it was a walk-in kinda thing hence we ended up in Italiannies, Sunway. I guess I've put my expectations a little high on the restaurant because you know, it's Italiannies and it sure will serve good and tasty Italian foods. But I've learned from watching 500 Days of Summer that there's this thing about 'Expectation vs Reality' haha.

Turns out the food was kinda 'meh'...the lamb shank was not exactly great plus the soup was quite cold. But I do give credits to the dessert because it was yums and the whole atmosphere of the restaurant. I actually loved the heart balloons that has been decorated around. I do understand that they're probably crazy busy because it was after all Valentine's Day but now I know not to put to much expectations on something heh. After dinner, we went to Republic for drinks and things got way better after a small bottle of Heineken hahaha. Okay, I'm just kidding. I totally sucked in drinking man.

Well, hope your Love Day was good too :)

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