Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap of faith

Day #29: Something You're Listening To
{February Photo A Day Challenge}

Yay! It's the last day of the challenge and it's also a pretty special day today because it is a Leap Day. Only happen once every four years in case you didn't know haha. If I really had the guts, I would propose to a guy but unfortunately I am not gutsy enough to take this leap of faith hahaha. So...moving on, here's something that I've been listening to on repeat today. If you must know, I'm not exactly the biggest K-Pop music fan but I do listen to some K-Pop songs from time to time. But there's just way too many Korean groups around that sometimes I don't even know how to differentiate them. But this new one from the group BigBang is pretty good! I really liked it and the fact that the video was really nice not forgetting all the clothes that each of the guys wore in this video. Very fashionable I must say. 

I actually like TOP, the guy in aqua coloured hair in this video. Gotta love his deep voice man :) Plus the military jacket that he's wearing in the video! LOVE it! I don't really know much about BigBang but I do know that they're really famous in Korea and I'm sure they've got tons of fans here as well. My best friend's one of them *tsk tsk* Here are some other songs that I've been listening to lately:

Live Your Life by Yuna (LOVE this one as well!)
Over My Dead Body by Drake
Walk By Foo Fighters
A-Team By Ed Sheeran
Stop This Train by John Mayer
The World As I See It by Jason Mraz

Any other recommended songs that you might think I would like? Well, with this I've finally ended the February Photo A Day Challenge! It's been hard to stay committed and post a photo every single day but  with great motivation, I succeeded hahaha. Now, I can go back and post regular stuff again and some other backdated post as well. If only I can stop being a procrastinator pfft. Do click on the Photo A Day Challenge label below to see all the photos :)


simone said...

i'm SO glad and happy you featured BgBang in your blog *love* well the truth is this group is new to me too but I'm just so totally hooked to them cos their music is different from other Kpop acts. Also they are really colorful (fashion sense) :)

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hahaha they're not so some of their songs and definitely their fashion sense is so bold. probably they're the only ones who can pull it off! love this song btw cos ada r&b element in it.