Sunday, February 26, 2012


Day #26: Night
{February Photo A Day Challenge}

Here's a night view from the balcony at the place I'm currently staying. I don't spend that much time chilling at the balcony, although I wish I could have a friend to come over so that we can have a glass of wine or beer (to look cool) and just chill at the balcony enjoying the night. But I'm afraid that my next door neighbour will strike a conversation with me one of these days, hence the reason why I prefer to just stay in and avoid meeting the next door neighbour haha.

Today was such a lazy Sunday seeing that it has been raining since the afternoon. All you feel like doing is just sleep or stay at home and watch a movie. I finally started painting again and I hope I won't screw it up. Will post the outcome once I finish. I've also finally watched The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button on WarnerTv...interesting story, albeit a little long. Brad Pitt is looking good in the movie! Hope you guys had a good weekend. So glad I'll be off from classes for a week. Got to catch up with some other pending works and also grading!

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