Thursday, February 23, 2012


{February Photo A Day Challenge}

My usual comfort shoes is definitely flats. They're also my go-to shoes usually for work, weekend hang outs and well, basically...I'd wear it most of the time. Of course being a girl, high heels is also another favourite in the shoe category but I don't think I've bought a lot throughout the years since I don't usually wear 'em. I'll only wear heels in certain occasions which is why I haven't been buying nice decent high heels in a long long time. I only had the chance to buy a new one (the top left photo) last month because when I saw that shoe, it was definitely a love at a first sight  kind of thing haha. It was also a perfect excuse to buy it since it's a new year and all haha. The flats at the bottom right is my current favourite one that I usually wear to work and for casual outing. Oh, I also still love wearing sneakers a lot although, I haven't been wearing my totally worn out Chucks for a very long time too :) I should probably get another new one, I guess *tsk tsk*

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