Monday, March 05, 2012

Au revoir part deux

My cousin Jess had just left for Melbourne last Saturday and I am already missing her! Having her around and staying with me here has been really great because I've longed for a housemate that I can just hang out or have some late night pillow talk where we can share  our deepest darkest secret together hahaha! Okay, I'm kidding. I don't do that at all with my current housemate cos we're basically minding our own business most of the time but I also hardly ever see him around. So yes, having another person that you can hang out with at home is just nice...what more if that person is close to you.

I don't think we managed to hang out that much since Jess's schedule was pretty tight from doing her internship and meeting up friends whom she haven't seen for a while  but it's alright, at least we did managed to hang out a few times and even managed to slot in a clubbing night too hehe. Anyway,  au revoir once again Jess! You will surely be missed over here and I am looking forward for my virgin visit to the land down under soon! 

This is us in Vertigo Club, Gardens MV. 
Being tourists for the day.
Finally met Indy after all these years hearing about him!

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