Thursday, March 15, 2012

Awkward moments

I'm sure we've all been in 'that awkward moment' situation before and I myself has been in it numerous time, that I just felt like blogging about it out of the blue haha. Awkward moments for me is when I am in a place or situation where I wished that I wasn't even there at the first place but I have no other choice to be there in order not to disappoint anyone. It's not entirely know when you have to act like everything's good while putting a smile in your face but deep down inside, you just wanna dig a big hole and stay there until that awkward moment fades away. I know my brother hates being in an awkward situation as I do...I guess that's probably what we have in common. I could tell by his face that when he had to attend a family gathering, he *tried* to act like everything's fine and all but I could just see it on his face that he totally wanna avoid having awkward moments with the relatives haha.  Like I've said, I've been in many awkward moments before but here's the top 3 awkward moments that I always seem to encounter:

Number 1: When your friend brings you to hang out with their family.
This has happened a few times and if it is bound to happen again, there will be no surprise if I will be feeling that awkward moment again. I know that my friends (those that I normally hang out with) are an awesome bunch and I know that they do have a sincere heart plus are kind enough to invite me  to hang out with their siblings or parents sometimes. I don't know why, but I always felt like I am intruding their family time. I mean what if it really was their family time and suddenly I appeared out of nowhere? Being the only non-family member there...that is REALLY awkward! I don't really mind if I knew my friend's family for a while like Eve's family for example. Met her parents, grandparents and aunts way back when were still in primary school. After all these years knowing them, there's not much awkwardness going fact I am very blessed to see  them being so 'welcoming' whenever I am at Eve's house.

Number 2: When you hang out with your friends who are a couple.
Oh gosh...this is probably much more awkward than the first one. Again, I also felt like an intruder or a thrid wheel when I am out with friends who are a couple. One thing that I felt SUPER awkward was when I am inside the car, sitting at the back and my couple friends who are sitting in front started to have their couple-y moments. I *tried* so hard not to stare or listen to anything that they're talking about but sometimes it's just inevitable. I would play with my handphone, you know so that they'll think that I'm minding my own business hahaha...BUT I don't have a smart phone, so there's nothing you really can do with a normal handphone can you? Well, maybe I can purposely check my text message to act like I'm busy heh. Another thing that I always feel awkward whenever I hang out with a couple has got to be when they have an argument. Whether big or small the argument is, I really wish I could just snap my fingers and disappear and let them deal with their own problems. I think the only couple that I felt the most comfortable to hang out with is definitely be Evor and Anne. They are basically the most comfortable couple that I don't mind hanging out with all the time :)

Number 3: Being in a place with people that you're not familiar with
Last year, I went to a church camp all by myself. Days before going to the church camp, I was already having all the 'what if?' questions and really thought it was gonna be extremely awkward since I just knew some of the participants and the rest were all people who were way younger than me. Indeed it was pretty awkward at first, like I was wondering who should I hang out with or who should be my bunk bed partner and stuff bur turns out, the camp was not so bad after all. I do realise that I've always been over-thinking stuff over and over again no matter what situation I am into. I guess it really takes time for me to get used to a new environment and same goes to getting to know a new person better, which means I am always gonna experience these awkward moments from time to time but I also do know that sooner or later, I will need to overcome it.

I think it's a good challenge for ourselves to become better in handling awkward moments. If you're like me, a non- people person and also a person who's PR skill is below average, we sort of need to find ways to handle these kind of situation. I don't think I can find a solution for that yet but I guess the key is just to be yourself right? Plus not to over-think and  to relax our mind would be helpful too. Then, probably we won't be having awkward moments all the time. The one thing that I am trying to improve about myself, besides overcoming my low self-confidence is definitely dealing with new people. But then, I hardly go out to meet new people. It's soooo rare for me to be out and about and socialise. I guess I really should motivate myself in doing that more right? I would love to hear your awkward moment stories! Do share...if you want to. I know nobody really give any comments in my blog anyway but, no harm in asking :)


Ivan Ho said...

For me awkward moment will have sometimes so we need to have some drinks to break the ice. Joining peoples family is even more interesting because u can observe hows people run a family it is sth to learn n to analyse. We not everyday can mix with our comfort friends, that is y they said live the life to fullness whenever & wherever.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

yes, we always will have an awkward moment whether we want it or not. i guess i should agree with you...need some drinks to break the ice. beer is good. it's pretty hard for me to join in a family gathering if i don't really know my friend's family that well. i always felt like i don't have anything to say to them. your family's nice, by the way haha. even if i don't know them much :)

simone said...

awkwardness happens to everyone even to those that we least expect :)

Ivan Ho said...

hahaha.... the right limit of drinks will be good. if overdose will be end up a alcoholic image eventually.

Anonymous said...

I'd say know your own limits when it comes to drinking. Know when to stop but better still know when to say 'No, I had enough drinks'. ~Simone~