Tuesday, March 27, 2012

KPOP much?

You know you've had too much of Big Bang when you suddenly draw each of the members out of the blue and you've been replaying 'Fantastic Baby' for 18923892895 times and still haven't got bored of the song. This random doodles was done in the midst of cracking my head trying to 'think' of more ideas for the upcoming exhibition...you know that exhibition that's been stressing me out for the last two weeks. Although this wasn't the BEST drawing that you've ever seen, it's really nice to shift my mind over something else instead of trying to squeeze more ideas out...to be honest, I am really running out of ideas already! But on contrary, I've been very productive today putting effort into working on the designs. So I am praying hard that I won't *cry* again this coming Thursday when we have another round of meeting. I think Big Bang deserves a blog post itself because they're just freaking awesome! Seriously, what has KPOP done to me???

REALLY addictive song and I absolutely LOVE this performance. So much energy! 

P/S: No I am not an obsessed fan. I know that I am not a teen anymore haha.

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