Wednesday, March 21, 2012


In this world, I am probably just a tiny dot. Trying to change the world might be a really big dream that requires dedication and time. But, I do think that we all can somehow make this world a better place or even just be a better person. Sometimes we wonder what can we do or what we want to do someday and whether or not we can achieve it, that really depends on us.

  • Someday I will figure out what God has planned for me.
  • Someday I will get to understand all the wisdom in the bible.
  • Someday I will see an improvement on my painting skills.
  • Someday I will get my artworks exhibited on the wall.
  • Someday I will get all the creative juices flowing in my head.
  • Someday I will be learn to pray better.
  • Someday I will be able to solve a design problem easily.
  • Someday I will have the guts in order to take a risk.
  • Someday I will tell you how I feel before it's too late.
  • Someday I will be able to write something more inspirational in my blog rather than writing about my love for boybands.
  • Someday I will get to see you embracing your faith that you have once abandoned.
  • Someday I will make all your worries and pain disappear.
  • Someday I will not be envious over the pretty girls, the wealthy people and the successful people.
  • Someday I will have the courage to overcome my low-self esteem issue.
  • Someday I will convince myself that I can do it because God will always have my back.
  • Someday I will let you know how much you mean to me.
  • Someday I will have to be strong when the going gets tough.
  • Someday I will dedicate my time to teach art to little kids.
  • Someday I will not let my worries be the heaviest luggage that I have to carry everyday.
  • Someday I will not cry everytime I face a designer's block.

I know that these little things that I wish to do someday might not really change the world but just like what Rob Thomas said in his song, we can figure it out if we end all our doubt, to try to make things better and then, "we'll be better off somehow, someday." I really do believe in that. We might not be what we want to be now or  can change the world yet, but someday I believe we can.

P/S: Someday I will need to write an inspiring post that can truly make sense pffft.


Ivan Ho said...

The thoughts are triple good, I kinda like it. the song is very meaningful. Remember the 1st time i saw the ending of this video my tears straight away fell because the impact n the word hit my heart. Rob thomas is good because his video never follow the world, he very got his own positive ideas but not those typical lady twisting their body till the end of the show which is meaningless. Eventually, I guess now its time to came back for "good".

Vivien Dumpangol said...

yeah, rob thomas is awesome! been a fan since matchbox twenty days. love his positivity and the way he portrays it in his songs.