Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This morning while I was completely focused on the computer trying do get my work done, my colleague who just came back from Korea gave me a surprise and I was like...

Wow...Fantastic baby!

Okay, lame but she did helped me to get Big Bang's Alive album while she was in Korea and now I am forever thankful to her because getting the album in Korea is soooo much cheaper than getting it here. Only 12400₩ which is about RM33. So glad I didn't buy on impulse when I saw the album in Rock Corner last month. I am now a proud owner of this album and obviously, I chose TOP's version of the album. But then I am thinking of getting the group's version as well. I look forward to see what's inside this packaging but I'm kinda afraid to open the plastic cover because I foresee the rust will cover up the entire album. So now it is official that I am indeed a fan of Big Bang! A new fan to be exact. I mean, you know that I hardly listen to KPOP but then Big Bang happened and it totally changed my perception on Korean music. My best friend Simone is also one of the person who influenced me in liking Big Bang too so, thank you Mone! 

Michael Jackson sang a song called 'Don't Stop Till You Get Enough', so I guess my current Big Bang fandom won't stop just yet hahaha. But of course I know that I shouldn't treat them like my ultimate idols and become this super crazy fangirl...so, please don't judge me lah okay hehe.

Today is also my cousin Anne's 27th Birthday! Last year, I made a video of myself wishing her Happy Birthday...come to think of it, why the heck am I sooooo lame? But anyway, Happy Birthday Anne!!! Know that I will always love you until whenever. See you soon and we'll cheers to Budweiser beer haha.

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