Sunday, April 29, 2012

Always in my heart

There is always a sense of familiarity whenever I am back home. Sometimes the familiarity is something that I don't normally take notice of but when you're back to your home after a while, all these things that you find familiar tends to come back...even the little things like how the sky seems to be much more blue here, all the car plate numbers starts with the initial SA, how my childhood friends still calls me by my first name, how the taste of 'Cha Sau Pau' is still the same after all these years...

Also not forgetting knowing the fact that KK has one of the best sunset views in the whole wide world. I don't think I can ever stop saying this but being back home is so good. Even if I had to deal with little family issues at home but that's okay cos it's pretty much expected. But with all the crazy things that had happened and the stress from work, I am very thankful just to be where I am at the moment. 

My blog's been on a little hiatus due to all the overwhelming stuff that had happened for the past week. Man, I was left dumbfounded and speechless that I don't even know what or how to react. Trying to post something on this blog makes me scared as well haha. But, I am fine at the moment. No worries about me. Being back here and not to think about work and all the other things did helped me to regain back my energy. I'm not ready to head back to KL yet...but gotta face the reality soon.

KK, you are always in my heart.

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