Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Oh my, I can't even believe it is already April! Seriously, where and how did the time passes by so quickly? I seem to still have heaps of stuff to do but yet, I can't even complete everything on time. Term break is coming real soon...like in 2 weeks time and of course a lot of gradings to be done here and there. I've been procrastinating as usual again pffft. After that, I am looking forward to go back KK at the end of the month! Yes, I've decided to take a really short break to go back home because I simply just miss everyone in KK. Somehow, my heart spoke to me and it says that I should go back...even if it's only for 5 days. So...looking forward to it and counting the days as we speak!

Other than than, I'm guessing starting from this month up until the end of July, I'll probably be busy juggling few things in hand. The exhibition, and then I've to come up with lecture kits and project briefs for a new subject also not forgetting conducting classes when the new semester start in May. Soooo many things to do...but I am trying to take one step at the time because if I don't, you might witness a breakdown crisis from me again haha. 

Lent season is almost over as this week is the Holy Week. I personally felt that I haven't been really committed in observing the lent season *yikes* Anyway,  I hope all of you will have a good month. If last month's been a bad month for you, then April should be better.  I'll *try* to update as much as I can...I've been doing another blue portrait painting again and if I can finish it by this week, then I'll post it up. But you can have a teaser look at it on my tumblr blog. I am beginning to think that my tumblr blog is soon becoming a blog dedicated to Big Bang :P

On the other note, here's a photo of the weirdest food that I've ever ordered in my entire life! I was so shocked when the waitress came out bringing this to my table. Seriously, how can my ability to order food can suddenly turn into zero? Can't really remember the name of this food but it was something spaghetti with calamari and squid ink sauce? It doesn't taste THAT bad but I just don't find it appealing hence I didn't even managed to finish half of this meal. I'm sorry, I know there are starving people in Africa. I just can't handle it.

Posting this video because I still can't get enough of Big Bang's awesomeness and this song! I think I listen to this song like 20 times a day and still loving it every single time. Really have no idea what have this group done to me and...I should blog about them soon! Okay, after Lent season maybe haha.


Mas Light said...

I've seen the squid ink spaghetti before but not as "colorful" as that.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

actually, i never knew such food existed...when i ordered this i was thinking about calamari yg kena deep fried macam in manhattan fish market ni...but obviously i was wrong >.<