Thursday, April 05, 2012

Double double combo

I've finally finished this painting! Took me about 3 days, which is pretty fast because I normally would take about a week or more to actually finish one painting due to my great ability to procrastinate. But this one, I somehow was so motivated to finish it. As usual my no confidence self would say that there are some painting errors here and there especially on the mouth part and you would also realise that TOP doesn't seem to have a neck! Haha...that's how the reference looks like. Actually, there's a lot of dark tones around hence the reason why TOP looks like he doesn't have a neck. Oh well, what is done, is done. The little confidence self in me would say that I am pretty satisfied with the whole outcome. The hair seems to be the hardest part but I think I did okay. 

TOP is obviously my Big Bang bias. I think it's not hard to choose him as my's like when I see all five members of BB, I immediately got my eyes fixed on TOP and that's that! Not everyone can pull off a mint/aqua coloured hair but TOP, he sooo can! Haha...actually all of them are awesome in their own way :) I know I've been mentioning Big Bang way too much in this blog and err...I apologise for that but I can't stop this sudden Big Bang fandom so, you gotta bear with me for a while mmmkay? I'm planning to do G-Dragon next but I have yet to find a nice reference on him. But looking at my timeline and the stuff that I need to do at work and for the exhibition, I might not have the time to spare to do more paintings. Will try my best anyway.

This painting is dedicated to all the VIPs. Hope you will like it :) You can view the large version on my flickr account here. Work in progress in gif below. 

P/S: Thanks for all the likes and reblogs on Tumblr. I am overwhelmed hehe and blessed Holy Thursday too.

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