Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Happy Easter! I think it is still not too late for an Easter wish right? Was meaning to blog on Easter Sunday but last week has been pretty exhausting with work and the Holy Week collided at the same time. I practically have to rush like mad just to be in time for mass. I was having a little 'complaint' in my head and thought about how can going to church here in KL can be THIS hard? I mean back home, all I do is walk up the hill and in less than 5 minutes, I'll reach the church. Same goes to when I was studying in NZ. All I had to do was walk to the same direction as my school since the church was located just opposite my grad school. But here in the peninsula, it kinda stressing me out having to endure the traffic jam and being inside the bus filled with so many people and err...weird smells. Sometimes, I really wish that going to church here won't be THIS hard.

But I really shouldn't make a big deal out of this because during the Easter Sunday mass last week, the priest was extending his gratitude to everyone who made the Holy Week a success and the priest also said he was a little stressed out because it was his first time conducting the Holy Week as a parish priest. Then, I realised that the priest was definitely way more stressed out than me since he has to make sure everything would go well for the entire 4 whole days of the Holy Week and yet, he didn't even complain a single thing but expressed his gratitude instead. With him (the priest) saying that, I suddenly felt a total calmness in me already. So, again my point is...there's always something to be grateful of no matter how crappy your day was.

Spent the rest of Easter Sunday with lé cousins...sort of like a small family Easter lunch since were not home celebrating Easter :( But still, we had a pretty good time. And today, I am just so glad that we have a public holiday! Since it falls on Wednesday which is midweek, it feels good to have a day of rest and probably regain some energy for the next two days before we welcome the weekend again. I still have work to do at the moment. Had to do some refinement on the designs for the exhibition since we're gonna have another meeting tomorrow plus it is also the final week of the semester! But work at home for me, usually starts at midnight...that's when I normally would REALLY focus on trying to finish my work haha. Maybe I'll start early tonight...or maybe after I watch the new episode of Glee and New Girl :)

Hope your one day of rest was as good as mine. Here's a photo of the day. I went to The Bee in Jaya One for tea time. Love the whole interior design of the place but I guess it's also one of the places where hipsters like to go heh. Loving the menu design as well. These days, I'm always opting for nice and simple type arrangement when I do design. The maximalist kind of design that I used to like is slowly fading now. Probably because I am getting old pffft.

P/S: I realised I was writing about gratitude on last year's Easter as well. Click here.

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Ivan Ho said...

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