Monday, April 16, 2012

Givenchy boys

Monday is definitely not my favourite day and I bet most of us could agree on that unless you're the person who's super enthusiastic to go back to work every Monday. Me? Well, not exactly. Came to work today with a main focus in mind that I need to finish all my gradings (which I did already) and then suddenly I was greeted to another task to do for the people at the North side. Not cool okay. But then, if I don't do it, who else will? Anyway, I know there's nothing much been going on in this blog these days. I can honestly say that I am pretty much swamped with work that I'm afraid I'll soon turn into a crazy workaholic person! Not only that, my housemate told me that we have to move out from our current place because the owner sold his condo to somebody else hence we can only stay in our current place till the end of the month. I'll still be staying in the same place, same block but only in another different floor. I need to start packing soon! Actually I only have about 9 days to pack before I head back to KK and boy, I 've got TONS of stuff in my room. Like a LOT! So you see, I need to manage my time properly so that everything will at least be manageable before I'm off for my super short holiday. I don't even think I can do this but they say women can multitask better than men, so...Imma prove this right haha. *crosses fingers* Don't worry about me, I *normally* work better under pressure. All I need to do is to listen to Queen's Under Pressure song for motivation hahaha. Okay, that was lame. But that is one awesome song by the way.

My weekend was pretty fulfilling, how about yours? I actually attended a Chinese concert on Saturday night thanks to the free ticket that Ivan got from his mad drinking skills haha. There was this Asian Music Festival organised by Tiger Beer concert which was held in Sunway Lagoon and I was among the 40,000 people who attended the concert. Again, I was having a major awkward moment because I was there with Ivan and his entire family. I can't even explain how crazy awkward I felt on that seems like I'm this outsider just following them from behind. But like I've said, you can't always run away from awkward situation so the best thing to do is to just deal with it. But still, I appreciate the kindess of my friend for even thinking of inviting me to the concert. So, much thanks! I'm actually kind of lost in translation during the concert because I only knew two of the performers, Beyond and LMF. Beyond is Hong Kong's rock legends. Knew them since I was in primary school because I've a cousin who was a big fan of the band. In the states you have Bon Jovi and Aerosmith, well in HK you have Beyond. But the only famous Beyond song that I knew is 海闊天空 (Hai Kuo Tian Kong) and the rest of their songs, I've totally no idea. Sorry for being ignorant but I didn't grew up listening to Beyond when I was young :P But it was still nice to see 2 of the original members in flesh. Wished they did perform 海闊天空 though. There were some performers at the concert that I only get to know from watching their MVs during those karaoke sessions that I went together with my Chinese friends.  But then, I don't really listen to their songs either.

The night was packed with people and standing up for 4 hours was really tiring. I was pretty dehydrated but I didn't really wanna spend RM5 for a bottle of mineral water! So, we left before the concert comes to an end and had luk luk for dindin instead. On Sunday morning, I had to wake up extra early (6am to be exact) and head over to St. Ignatius Church to help the youths to sell breakfast in the cafeteria. I haven't seen some of the church youths since last church camp that I attended almost half a year, that was pretty long. Had fun helping out despite the lack of sleep that I get from the night before. The booth that I was asked to help was the nasi lemak and roti canai booth. I didn't expect a lot of church-goers will drop by for breakfast but the turn up was good! Even finished selling the roti canai :D This reminded me so much of selling hot dogs and fries in a little caravan during Boxing Day in Wanganui, where they held the Cemetery Circuit event annually. Yes, motor racing at the cemetery circuit! Awesome much?

Went home after that and slept for the rest of the afternoon. I woke up in the evening and got so lazy to even make dinner and shower because I was too caught up with surfing the net pffft. This week, will be another battle to face. There are meetings to attend, students to call, stuffs to pack, things to design and oh...income tax. Got to tackle that down too. My REAL motivation to handle all these is to keep in mind that I am going back to KK in 9 days. Hwaiting!

Beyond still has it!
1. Roti Canai (haven't had that in a while hmm)  2. My partners in crime
3.  The chaos  4.  Talented musicians :D

And now, comes the time where I will spam you with another Big Bang video!!! This was their recent performance in Inkigayo (Korean chart show). They performed Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby but didn't win in the end :( SHINee won but it's okay because I like SHINee too :)

So many things I like about this video:
1. The Givenchy clothes! So nice I LOVE it, especially GD's headscarf. The intricate patterns are nice too!
2. Whenever the camera focuses on GD, he smiles and I melt hahahaha
3. TOP. His eyes, his hair, his wink, every single thing.
4. The song, obviously.
5. Seungri's red pants and Daesung's gold pants!
6. Taeyang's energy when he's performing.


Ivan Ho said...

Is good that u enjoy the show, sometimes we thought U.S songs were the best but actually they are just good in marketing & advertising with the US Billboard. Asia is doing good too thats y we need to support as we are Asian peoples. Vivien. isnt really that awkward? is not that u never see them before. About sing K with Chan u said u are not invited, they are the friends u've seem them before, no need invitation list right? I never tell u im awkward to hang out with your cousins. i never felt major/minor awkward to talk to your family. with who u dont feel awkward? u are just limiting yourself man. Stop reminding yourself n dont ever let yourself feel awkward anymore. This is a negativity for u. I tell u this is not because im angry. Just want to help u. My mom always told me to voice out rather than become those quiet polite people who watch people die. No offence & no need to feel sad. u can win yourself because u got the faith from god.

Ivan Ho said...

I read that u need to move your house.. anyway, i can offer u help.

Anonymous said...

Now you know how I feel everytime I see GD :D His smile makes you melt. ~Simone~

Ivan Ho said...

actually i havent finish. So hope that u can stop those imagination n possibility or what if. Another thing i hope u dont too fancy on those celebs cos at this age is the time for us to find a partner or maybe settle down, i know u wish to get marry 1 day n not just at home google JB or bigbang. I remember kenny ask me, Vivien must be very fancy JB & i was like: er~ like gua. I was abit donno how to answer, i dont feel like saying yeah she so is??? because all these stars are all younger than us already. We have to move on to another level there is no stop by, cos time n tide wait for no man. If keep awkward this awkward that n paranoid how we gonna meet our Mr/Miss Right? The Real world is here KL City not on the internet or entertainment world. Sorry to be a busy body... sometimes is very hard for me to talk it face to face, cos im harsh.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

WOW. Errr...I don't even know what to say man. I have been avoiding to open and read this comment box but, thank you anyway for pointing out all these, having such friend is a blessing although the truth hurts sometimes. This problem that I have, I've realised it dor sooooo long and I know that I've been having a lot of doubts on myself. It's like a never ending battle for me. But really, after reading the comments I just am too speechless that I don't even know what to say anymore.

1. Thank you for pointing out on the things that I should improve, bear with me because I really need the time to truly become a better person.

2. Please don't judge me too much on liking BigBang and all. It's just a liking, not something that I am actually obsessed about. I know it is kind of embarrassing to like all these stuff seeing that I am almost 30 years old now but take it easy, I do know my limits.

3. Oh man, I am just so....speechless.