Friday, April 06, 2012

We were so complete, the perfect team

Absolutely LOVE this song and I wish there's a video for it. GD&TOP doing a full song in English and TOP's voice is just...I can't even! Pixie Lott's a great singer too.

I realised that I actually like being in the office early. I like the whole calmness and the quietness that I get before the classes start. But, the process of waking up early is still not my favourite thing to do.

Blessed Good Friday everyone. God bless.


Anonymous said...

haven't been visiting your blog for awhile and to my amazement your entries are well BigBang (hands up)...but of cos it's to my liking... ~Simone~

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hahaha i told myselft that after lent season i will write a post about bigbang or maybe do a one whole week of bigbang blog posts kekeke....just wait cos i'm trying to juggle my time with crazy workload and blogging hehe.