Monday, May 28, 2012

And I'm back in the game

Sorry for being away again! Yes, I've been busy with work and stuff but I am not exactly on hiatus anymore...but will be again once I start doing the lecture kit and also Eve's wedding invite. The internet at home hasn't been fixed yet so that also explains the reason why I can't really blog for the past week or so. Kinda pissed about not having internet connection at home but oh well...I'm too lazy to explain the reason why but rest assured, the internet will be back in this few days.

Anyway, classes have been going on smoothly at the moment. Well, it's just week 3's still too early to  tell but the new batch of students that I am handling right now seems to be or still at their best behaviours. I guess I shouldn't worry too much about them right? Just hope that they won't disappoint me when the final project comes. If you're wondering what I've been up too lately...well not so much. Since I've no internet at home, (actually I do but DiGi broadband sucks) I've been catching up with the remaining episodes on some of my 'weekly' must watch TV shows. So far I've finished watching Vampire Diaries Season 3 which was hands down one of the best season I've seen so far! Not forgetting one of the best TV shows too. I mean if you're into Vampire and stuff then Vampire Diaries is highly recommended. The storyline is good, so as the music plus not forgetting the entire cast! I'm trying to finish watching the remaining episodes of Gossip Girl S5 but I dunno...the show seems to have lost its mojo already. Too many pointless drama and the sudden Dan & Blair thing is just way too confusing.

I've also gone back to reading which is a good thing because I've been neglecting reading my books for a while so, it's good to pick up reading again though I might think I'll stop once the internet line is fixed tsk tsk. Apart form that, nothing much has been going on and only a few little things here and there. Last Friday, I was in Mid Valley with some of my colleagues to attend the official opening of Mickey Through The Years Exhibition. Some of my students plus lecturers were involved in painting 4 Mickey figurines that was exhibited in Mid Valley. They really did a good job on it and I especially liked the Stone Age Mickey version as you can see from the photo below. There's like A LOT of different designs that you're able to see but unfortunately, I didn't manage to snap a lot of photos because it was too crowded during the launching event. The exhibition will go on till Sept 17th, so drop by and have a look if you get the chance :D

Actually it's quite nice to be out from the office once in a while and since me and my colleagues hardly got the chance to do this, we basically took the opportunity to stay in Mid Valley a little longer to err... shop run some errands haha. Please do not follow our footsteps okay! Then on Saturday, I went for a karaoke session with them boys and guess who's back in town? It's none other than Ken Wong! Was really surprised when I received his call two Sundays ago because I was still sleeping at that time and when I looked at my phone's screen and saw his name I was like, "Ken Wong???" So yeah, he's back for a short holiday at the moment. The first thing he asked me when I met him again was if he has lost weight pffft. Some things will never change haha. But yes, he did lost tons of weight! I'm guessing working in Shanghai is way more crazier than here. I don't think I can hang with him that much while he's here but still, it's nice to see him again after about 5 months not hearing any news about him.

I reached home at 6am on Sunday morning after the karaoke session and collapsed on my bed right away. Seriously, I don't think I am capable of staying up late anymore. My energy level seems to be draining each and everyday. Sunday afternoon, I took the time to head down to The Curve for Pixie Lott's autograph session. I thought since I've bought her album, it'll be nice to get it signed by Pixie Lott herself and I didn't managed to attend her showcase on Saturday hence the reason why I wanted to go for the autograph session. Back in 2009, when she came and performed in MTV World Stage, I totally had no idea who she was but now, she's one of my favourite female singers. The fact that she collaborated with GD&TOP makes me like her more :) She looked really pretty up close and she has super blonde hair that I loveeee. I told her to enjoy KK, which is really lame but hey, at least I got to talk to her even if it's just for a few seconds haha.

Look she's wearing 'Moludu' (traditional Kadazan costume) in KK! So pretty.
via @pixiesongs
1. Large Scale Mickey done by my college 2. Stone Age Mickey
3. No idea who's the artist but I like the line work 4. Blinged Mickey
5. Artist at work 6. With my colleagues
7. Students who were involved with the Mickey project 8. Melted Mickey (one of my fav!)
9. Ken and Gerrit (both were in NTV7's What Men Want TV Show) 10. Bromance!
11. Look it's Pixie! 12. Signed CD :)
Aight, I shall blog again when I finally have internet at home! Though I don't really have much interesting stuffs going on these days. Really. It's been work, home, work, home most of the time -__- Have a good week ahead.

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