Tuesday, May 08, 2012

On hiatus again

Hi! Unfortunately, this blog will be on hiatus again because I currently have quite a lot of unsettled stuff to deal with. Work's been crazy because of the upcoming exhibition and the new semester has officially started as well. Moving stuffs to the new place and unpacking all my junks need time and energy plus I might not be able to go online at home for a few days too. With everything in my hand at the moment, I REALLY need to deal with all these and settle it once and for all. So, the blog will be taking a little break until I am pretty much settled with everything.

On the other note, I AM FREAKING OUT because I accidentally left my water bottle cap open this morning and the water fell into my backpack AND now, I can't even switch on my camera! If anything bad happens to it, I am doomed. Like for real. Anyway, I am praying HARD that my precious little camera will recover soon...cos I need to use it for Jay Park's showcase this Sunday. I guess I'll update this blog again soon...in the meantime, stay safe everyone.

Here's an Instagram photo of me with the cousins taken last Saturday when we attended our friend's daughter one year old party. Say hello to my eyebags pffft.

(via @AudreyAmbrose)

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