Thursday, May 17, 2012

The one with Jaebeom's showcase and the premier league

Disclaimer: Again, I am not sure if I should post this because it'll make me look like a KPOP fan-girl but do know that I have toned down A LOT so please please do not judge me okay. I'm just a human who have a sudden liking for KPOP music now. That's all and nothing more.

The very first time I knew the existence of Park Jaebeom (Jay Park) was when I watched this Wong Fu Production youtube video about BROMANCE! That was like a year ago. I've been a fan of Wong Fu Pro for quite sometime and have found a lot of their videos to be entertaining just like Kevjumba's and Nigahiga's. And in case you didn't know Wong Fu also directed Lee Hom's 'Still In Love With You' music video so...they're doing pretty well so far. Anyway, after watching the Bromance video, I got a little curious on that really fair American-Korean boy in the video, so I did a little research and I found out that Jay Park is famous in Korea! He used to be the leader of the KPOP boyband called 2PM but after some 'issues' he left the group and became a solo artist.

In March I think,  I saw his new video, 'Star' by accident on youtube and I loved it in an instant because the dance choreography was pretty cool and the song is the kind of R&B music that I like. Obviously it has an American R&B influence in it but somehow I liked it a lot because apparently R&B music in the US these days are always combined with those techno stuff and it gives me a headache sometimes when I listen to it. But not to say it's bad or anything...I still prefer the pure R&B kind of music like R. Kelly for example. I started to secretly like Jay Park right after watching the 'Star' video haha and then continued to listen to his other songs. Ended up *cough* downloading his New Breed album and has been listening to it ever since. When I found out that he's coming to KL for a showcase, I told myself that, I should go since I've never seen any Korean artist before and of course I want to see Jay Park perform live. Getting the ticket wasn't that hard because it was sponsored by DiGi so I only need to top up my prepaid credit to obtain two tickets.

So, Jay Park's showcase was on last Sunday evening in KL Live. I brought along who else but my concert buddy to the showcase. By the time went inside KL Live, it was already pretty packed with fangirls who couldn't stop screaming even before Jay Park came out. We didn't had to wait that long for the show to start, thank goodness for that. The first song that Jay Park sang was a rendition of B.O.B's Nothing On You...he didn't it with his own style and rap. The fangirls literally went crazy while I stood at the back looking at him in awe because of his super fair-porcelain skin! Yes, no kidding. He is so fair and I am amazed by it haha. Anyway, he sang 'Got Your Back' after that, I liked that song too btw then continued to perform 'Star'! Finally got to see the dance choreography with my own pair of eyes :) Jay Park interacted well with his fans and I personally think he's a pretty down to earth kind of guy. After interacting with the fans for a while, Jay Park continued his performance singing songs from his New Breed album including 'Girlfriend', 'Know Your Name', 'Enjoy The Show' and 'Up and Down'. I wished he sang 'Come On Over' too because that song is such a sexy song haha. But then he didn't :/ It's allright anyway. When Jay Park was singing 'Girlfriend', the fangirls was screaming "Jay! I wanna be your girlfriend and my name is ________!" They were really loud it's like their fan girl-ing level suddenly skyrocketed to the top. I really thought I'd be one of them but surprisingly, I was at my best behavior during the entire showcase haha.

Anyway, I am glad to have attended the showcase! It was good! Jay Park has mad skills in dancing, singing and even rapping. I am also glad that he did a showcase in KK too because I know that not a lot of international artist will do a performance in KK but so far it's improving! Pixie Lott is gonna be there next week! My best friend was really lucky to be able to actually talk to Jay Park and see him up close in KK. *envious* Here in KL, the chances are pretty low for me pffft but it's all good man. Right after he finished his performance, there was an autograph session going on but I didn't stayed for it so Ivan and I went to Pavilion for dinner and drinks. We were at this Irish pub called Malones, (actually it was my first time there) and by the time we reached there the pub was showing the last premier league match between Man City vs QPR. I am sure by now, everyone knew that the premier league title this season goes to Man City! *bitter* At first I didn't really care about the match but then when QPR magically scored the second goal, everyone including yours truly was suddenly so alert and my eyes just glued on the TV to watch the entire match.

The pub turned a little chaos right after that. Can't believe with the last 5 minutes of extra time, Man City's fate turned into something that they can celebrate on. I, on the other hand was a little pissed because Man United was THIS close of winning the 20th title BUT, well you win some you lose some right? I just hope they do way better next season and I hope David De Gea will perform well next season too! Haters gonna hate but we'll just Keep Calm and Glory Glory Man United! Just like this African dude in the pub said to me, "We're just borrowing them (Man City) the trophy. We'll get it back next season." I felt better already haha.

Actually the night turned out to be quite fun. You know having drinks with random people (mostly tourist) and watching the match together in a pub. Shall do it again one of these days :)

If you haven't watched the BROMANCE video, do watch it!

Park Jaebeom @ KL Live.
Malones, Pavilion.
So not used to see a blue team winning the league haha.
Man with all smiles because Man City won pffft.
P/S: Happy Birthday to one of my favourite bestie, Eve! Have a great one babe :D

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