Thursday, May 03, 2012

See ya KK

This month of May, I shall work my ass off because there's just too many things to do and all the deadline's pretty tight. I *really* thought I am capable of multi-task, but actually I can't really do it. Not a super woman either so I will really try my best to complete all the tasks given. Wish me luck on this and if I am not able to blog much, that's probably because I am really busy or just lazy haha. On top of that, I haven't even move to the new place yet! So basically, tons of stuff to do at work and also at home. Life just gets better and better...and I am saying this in a sarcastic way of course.

Anyway, my short holiday had just ended two days ago :( Such a short trip back to the hometown but it's better than nothing right? Actually, the 5 days holiday in KK was mostly spent in Penampang, I didn't even bother to head down to the city because the weather has been insane! Most of the days, I'd rather stay at home and watch random stuff on the telly and get enough sleep as possible because I knew that once I am back to Peninsula, trying to have at least 8 hours of sleep would be slightly impossible pfft. Here are some photos that I managed to snap when I was in KK...not so much actually since I've mentioned that I've been staying at home most of the time :)

#1 This was taken during our 'girls night out' the day after my arrival. I brought Anne to meet up with Eve, Val and Yasmin in KGK for some 'fun' time haha. Glad to have brought Anne along cos I knew she was stressed out with her work and she probably need de-stress herself just for a while :) The night turned out to be fun! Lots of dancing, laughters and err...consumption of beer as well. BUT, we're all responsible ladies so there's nothing to worry about.

The live band was from Bangkok and they're okay I guess...I can't hardly hear whatever they're singing because most of the songs they performed was either Thai or Chinese songs. But one of the singers was nice enough to come and hang at our table. Can't even recall her name but my guess it was something Krang or Prang? Not really sure haha. The DJ was even nice enough to play BigBang's Fantastic Baby that night but too bad Simone wasn't there if not we could've danced the Fantastic Baby dance step!

#2 The next day, I hung around next door with the cousins and the little ones. Gabby, my next door niece came and joined in the fun. She has the most expression-less face whenever she talks but still so cute :D Her big brother Wayne, also came over just to show off his Iron Man mask *tsk tsk* I am probably the ONLY one who hasn't watched The Avengers yet!

#3 Then the grown ups decided to play Guitar Hero on PS3. Looking at this photo, it felt like the good old times when a bunch of us (cousins+kampung friends) will gather together and just hang out. Tried playing Guitar Hero and I gotta say, it's not easy man.

#5 On Labour Day the day where I'm flying back to KL, I went to have breakfast with Anne, Evor, my bro and the little kids in Towering and then headed over to Megalong for some grocery shopping. I love these kids in the photo below but boy, they can be so out of control at times! Don't even know how Anne can handle them. Motherhood is tough. No doubt about it. Anyway, missing them already!

The papayas were from the backyard of my house in Penampang. Saw that my mum wanted to make papaya pickles and I requested to bring some over to KL.

The next time I'm gonna be back in KK will be in December! It feels like it's still quite long but as the day passes by, it'll already be December in a blink of an eye. See you again soon KK! New semester starts next week and I have not done any preparation yet. Procrastination at its best.

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