Sunday, June 03, 2012

Alive tour v.02

YAY! YG Entertainment finally released BIGBANG's Alive Tour date for Malaysia! I was out the whole day and I didn't managed to go online to check on the update plus I don't own a smart phone so...anyway, good thing I have a best friend back home who's kind enough to inform me :) October 27th it is! It's a good date and with 5 months to go, it is good enough for me to save money, memorise the lyrics on some songs and also probably think of silk screening my own t-shirt to wear for the concert! Whatever it is, I shall keep calm, cross my fingers and hope that I am able to make it for this concert. I told Simone that we 'die die' also have to go to this concert haha.

On the other note, check out BIGBANG's brand new video, Monster! This song is gonna be featured in their 'Still Alive' album, sort of like a re-packaged album from 'Alive'. Like the review said, the song 'Monster' will remind you of 'Lies' and 'Haru Haru'. I love the first verse when TOP & GD raps! And Daesung has such awesome hair do :)

This will be my final post on BIGBANG in this blog...well, I'll probably gonna blog about them from time to time...but not so much in here. It'll probably appear in my tumblr blog. So, if I've been spamming about BIGBANG a lot here and you're probably sick of it and think that I should get a life...then I apologise in advance! Told you not to judge me to much bah. Sometimes I get too over excited on things that I just felt like sharing it here. I do know that I shouldn't idolise them like they're better than GOD or something.  Just to clear things up yeah?

It's 5am now and I am still wide awake! I don't know why every weekend my sleeping time always turn upside down. I've got like 4 hours to sleep before I wake up to get ready for Sunday's mass. So...yeah, will try to sleep now. Have a blessed Sunday!

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