Thursday, June 21, 2012

Le exhibit

I haven't really talked that much about the exhibition that I said I was involved in this blog. Well, yesterday we officially opened the exhibition simply called 'Y U NO PROCESS' to students and the public at the college's very own art gallery. This exhibition is organised by my department, Advertising and Graphic Design and I am so GLAD that this is finally happening! I know it's not much of an exhibition and all but all of us, including yours truly went through everything from the start. The hours of brainstorming, laying out ideas, designing stuffs, looking for speakers, etc. It's hard work but like I said, I am glad and grateful that we made it work. I'm not gonna lie but when I was assigned to handle the creative part for this exhibition, the pressure got a little too much and I had quite a hard time trying to produce something that is up to everyone's expectation. Then the whole drama about me crying and stuff...that was embarrassing but well you know me, always too emotional on every single thing. In the end, I had to delegate my task to the others and asked them to help so I can't take full credit on what I've done or contribute in this exhibition because I believe my other colleagues has done more than me.

Anyway, after this we're gonna be busy on the Speaker Series event which will be held next week and hopefully we'l be able to handle that in good hands as well. Thankfully students are on a mini 1 week break next week! With classes to conduct and this exhibition to handle, I think my colleagues and I are pretty much drained out whenever we reach home from work and I've been only having the maximum of 5 hours of sleep per day which is definitely not a good thing. But work is work so...gotta do what we gotta do right? I shall not complain too much instead I should be blessed and be thankful for at least I've got a stable job, I've got nice colleagues and I know that all our hard work will not go to a waste. 

More info about our exhibition, click on our Facebook page here.

I hardly post photos of me and my colleagues in this blog but today's an exception haha. Despite us being the 'educators', we do have our crazy side too. It's not all serious and work 24/7. Actually if you were to hang out with us in our office, then you'll probably know how crazy we can be. 

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