Wednesday, June 13, 2012

That Saturday in Sepang

Hi again! Sorry for the lack of update here but this current 'blogger's block' that I am getting these days is not improving at all. Tried writing  something 'deep' in the previous post but my guess is nobody can understand what the heck am I writing about hence this makes me a super fail blogger dot com. Told you that I can't even understand my own feelings these days right? That's why. Anyway, I shall just update with the boring what-I've-been-doing-lately post because it is so much easier to pen in down here and...the photos helped too haha.

So last weekend, on Saturday I went to the Sepang Circuit for the very first time to watch the GT race thanks the free tickets that Ivan got from his friend. Actually, I don't know much about cars...I mean I know some of the brands and that's pretty much all. But I do know that men love cars and women so being able to attend the GT Race is like heaven for them. Not exactly for me but it was a good experience though! We arrived in Sepang around 2pm, thankfully the weather was was hot but at least I felt like the sun didn't wanna murder me this time around. Met up with another college mate and then off we go to a great GT race experience! There were heaps of slim and pretty GT girls on the prowl, posing with cars that they were promoting and I could definitely see some pervy uncles taking out their big ass DSLR cameras and started snapping away at all the GT girls at every opportunity they can get.  

We went over to the grand stand for a while to have a look at the qualifying stage. It was pretty cool to see those sport cars zooming so fast in front of your eyes, though the sound of the engine can make you almost deaf. I personally liked looking at the colours of each sport cars. They're super vibrant and some just totally stood out from the rest like the purple car at the photo below. We stayed in Sepang till 5pm and then our college mate Sin Hor invited us to go to his hometown for dinner in Kuala Langat which was about 45 minutes drive from Sepang circuit. Kuala Langat is pretty much an outskirt probably at the end of the Selangor map so definitely there was no huge building around. It's a kampung area that reminded me so much of Kota Belud and Kudat. We also made a short visit the Lover's Bridge in Tanjung Sepat. Never knew such bridge existed before and I'm pretty embarrassed to say this but I was quite scared to walk along the bridge probably because it doesn't have handles on both side so I kept imagining myself falling down into the sea if I was careless hahaha. I know, WTF right?

We finally reached Subang close to 10pm. It was indeed a long day but pretty fun because we managed to spent the weekend out from the city life for once. Plus it was also a good way to commemorate my last week of having a free Saturday because starting from this week,  I've to work every Saturday since my CG class has started so no more sleeping in on Saturdays till the end of semester! Can't believe it's already June now! Time flies when you're having too much fun am I right? Oh, Euro 2012 is here! Who are you rooting for? I think Spain will win again this year but it's still too early to say. Probably it'll be Italy or Portugal!

Here are some photos taken from last Saturday. Photo quality is a little crappy because I wasn't informed about going to watch the GT race earlier so I didn't brought my d-cam along. IPod's quality is pretty meh -____-


Ivan Ho said...

The photos are good

Vivien Dumpangol said...

haha thanks! the quality still pretty crappy though. too much noise.