Wednesday, July 11, 2012

To the birthday girl

This is me, making a rare appearance in my blog.

Today is my best friend's birthday and I owe her this painting because without her, I wouldn't know the existence of 5 talented and beautiful men whom I've grown to love now hahaha. So I thought this would be a good 'appreciation' gift for her in conjunction with her birthday. Been wanting to do this painting in a while actually but due to my great ability to procrastinate yet again, I've only started painting this portrait last week. Waiting for the Euro 2012 final match was a good time for me to fully focus on this painting. Again, I've never see myself as the best artist or illustrator but I do what I do and this is the best I can give :) 

Happy Birthday babe! May God shower you with tons of awesomeness and blessings through the years to come. I shall see you in October for BIGBANG's concert yes? Love, hugs and kisses.

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