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Spiderman is my favourite superhero, though I am not that geeky enough to know everything about him or have read all the comics based on him. Even if Spiderman is a fictional character, I did learned a thing or two from watching the previous Spidey movies and it somehow can relate to our real lives as well. I really like that quote from the 2002 Spiderman movie when Peter Parker's uncle said "with great power comes great responsibility." Pretty simple quote to remind us not to misuse our powers and capabilities as it will lead us to be greedy and selfish on wanting everything. But once we misuse our powers, we are responsible to bear the consequences and people might get hurt, including our loved ones. Which is why Spiderman humbled himself and use his powers to help instead of trying to conquer the world because he knew it was the right thing to do. His responsibility is big since it was his role to protect the people but he has been blessed with a lot of good things too...Mary Jane for example. Hope I make sense here hehe.

Anyway, I'm not gonna write a movie review because I am not good in writing reviews but I'm just gonna say a lil something on what I thought about The Amazing Spiderman, which I've just watched yesterday evening! Whilst having steamboat dindin with a bunch of friends, the main topic was about the movie and everyone seems to have their own say about it to the point where it seems like every SINGLE detail of the movie was being analysed. Not that I mind because everybody is entitled to voice out their opinion plus all the funny remarks made the entire dinner session more enjoyable and fun. But at the end of the day, it's just a movie and you know how the way America produce superhero movies right? The hero always win and gets the girl too...well, not exactly in Captain America's case but you get my point right? Plus not everything will be logical because if it is, then I don't think the movie might be a blockbuster one. 

If you were to ask me, I thought this Spiderman reboot was pretty good! Okay, it's probably because I am being bias here seeing that Spiderman is my favourite superhero. I thought the whole story was being told in detail, like a process to show how Peter Parker became Spiderman which is good because it made me understand more about Peter Parker, his parents and his journey to become your friendly neigbourhood superhero. I liked how he had to 'test-drive' his powers, discovering he could stick on the wall and swing all around the places. There were some funny scene in that too...oh and, he freaking silk-screened the spider logo to his costume! Talk about traditional printing heheh. I also think it was a nice change to cast Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker now because I gotta say, his acting was pretty darn good. I've nothing against Tobey Maguire being Peter Parker but somehow Andrew Parker was a little less dorky and more loveable, IMHO. Plus I absolutely love his tousled hair! Yes, I took the time to analyse his hair haha. Emma Stone's character, Gwen Stacy was likeable too...totally different from Mary Jane because it seems like she (Gwen Stacy) has already put an interest on Peter Parker from the very beginning and even when she found out that Peter Parker is Spiderman, she seems to like him even more. Pretty good chemistry they got there. Now I kinda wish the creator didn't killed off Gwen Stacy's character in the comic...

The Lizard was kinda scary to look at, maybe because I do not like reptiles...and I kinda wish The Lizard could be a much more powerful villian, you know with a swag haha. I just thought that it was too easy to defeat it. There were some touching scences that I liked too especially towards the end when Peter finally bought the egg carton to his aunt. If I weren't watching with my guy friends I am sure my tears will fall at that time. I guess when you've watched The Amazing Spiderman, it's common for us to compare it with the previous Spiderman movies to see which ones are better. For me, I don't see the need to really compare because The Amazing Spiderman is completely a fresh and new story. The previous Spiderman movies probably have more moral values in it and not forgetting nicer soundtracks! Remember 'Vindicated' by Dashboard Confessional? or 'Signal Fire' by Snow Patrol? Love those songs! But my say is, each Spidey movies have their own style and it depends on the director on how to make the movie interesting. Do not also that in the previous Spiderman movies, Peter Parker was already in college and working freelance as a photographer. He was an independent guy and works hard to earn money while this new one, Peter Parker was a high school student but already a genius. So, it's totally a different story there. Overall, I enjoyed this movie! Then again, I am being bias here plus this is based purely on my own opinion. It's okay if you disagree. I'm okay with it. This movie might not be THAT amazing, but indeed it was a good reboot after 6 years!

This week has been crazy! Seems to have so many stuff going on from Monday till yesterday that I felt like I didn't had much time to rest at all. It's 2:08 right now and I am still very much wide awake because I drank 'yin yong' yesterday evening which was a really BAD idea. Hope you had a good weekend! I shall do another update tomorrow *crosses fingers*

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