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The one with MTV World Stage

Hello! I finally found the time to do another update. I am indeed a little busy with classes but there's about 3 more weeks left before the semester ends and when the semester break starts, I am going for a trip to the land down under :) Looking forward to it but I still think that next month's gonna be another busy month at work. So many things that I have to deal with and because of my great habit to procrastinate, I'm pretty sure there's gonna be tons of last minute stuff to deal with later. Anyway, I shall forget about work for a while and blog about MTV World Stage which I managed to attend last week thanks to the extra free ticket that my 'Bieber fanatic' colleague had won. It was my second time attending World Stage, the first one was back in 2009 when I managed to see All American Rejects for the first time. This year, knowing that Justin Bieber was gonna perform, I was damn sure I'll be attending the World Stage with a lot of A LOT! And that's when I fully realised that I am getting older hence having me fangirling over Justin Bieber would be a little embarrassing now.

But still, it's not wrong to like him as a singer right? I mean, I do like his songs and again, please do not judge me! Hahaha. Okay honestly, I did want to see Justin Bieber perform because when he held his concert last year, I could only see him from VERY far and I was late for his concert so I wasn't exactly satisfied with it. Since he was coming to perform for MTV World Stage, I thought maybe this time around I could see Justin perform a little closer...and I did! But Jay Park was definitely the singer that I wanted to see the most during MTV World Stage since I was super impressed by his performance when I went to his showcase few months back. I was looking forward on what he had in store for MTV World Stage and by the end of the night, hands down Jay Park's performance was the best. Beliebers, please do not hate me when I say that haha.

Well, the weather last Saturday was insanely hot and being surrounded by so many people doubles up the insanity. Me and my colleague were queuing up outside Sunway Lagoon's entrance since 2pm waiting patiently for the MTV crew to open the gates which was one hour later. You can see the photo below that I took while queuing in the line. It seems that everyone are too eager to go in that it kinda cause a havoc for a few times. Bieliebers, you gotta learn to calm down lol. When we're finally in, we still had to wait for another 3 hours before the show starts. The sun totally gave no mercy to us and even though I was wearing my shades on that day, it didn't really helped much. Some people (the teenage girls especially) got dehydrated and some started to faint but thankfully everybody was helping each other out so it's all cool. I was surrounded by a lot of Beliebers, most of them were dressed in purple and had his name written on their arms and heads. I was imagining that if I accidently said something un-pleasing about JB, they might gang up and beat the sh*t out of me right at that moment hahaha. The show started at 6.30pm-ish and Justin Bieber was the opening act. From what I heard, he was the opening act because he couldn't stay longer as he has to fly over to Melbourne after MTV World Stage. When he appeared on stage, the crowd went crazzzzzy! I saw a girl crying on the big screen and there's a girl who stood behind me kept screaming 'Justin!!!' over and over again. Pure insanity I'm telling you. The first song that JB sang was 'Baby' and continued to some of his new songs from his Believe album. He sang the acoustic version of 'Die In Your Arms' and I'm glad he did because I like that song hehe. If I'm not mistaken, he sang a total of 7 songs during the show. The last song was of course, 'Boyfriend'. I felt pity for him because he probably couldn't stand the heat since he was sweating like crazy. Overall, he did a good job singing, dancing and entertaining the fans. He has indeed grown up to be a young fine looking man and I'm sure the Beliebers enjoyed his performance a lot....gosh, how many times have I typed the word 'Beliebers' in this post ?!?!
Look at the insane amount of people waiting in line!
We're in! Crazy crazy hot weather. Insanity!
While waiting for the show to start, MTV were playing random videos on the screen and I saw this!
Love the whole set up of the stage. The LED graphics were pretty cool. 
VJ Holly and VJ Rich came to greet the crowd first

JB's backup singers and that's Dan Kanter, JB's guitarist.
Look, it's Justin!
Yay for left-handed musician :)

After Justin's performance, quite a number of people decided to leave...I guess most of them wanted to see JB's performance only which is a shame really because c'mon, the ticket's free so why not watch all the other line ups as well right? So the next performance was by the Korean girl group Kara. They actually have quite a huge fan base in Malaysia by the way. I don't really know much about this group and I only know two of their hit songs, Mister and Step. Try and listen to it. It's very fun and it's totally suitable for work out session :) Of all the people, my dad actually knew about this group which totally surprised me! I remembered he was listing some Kpop girl groups while he was having a conversation with my cousin during the Christmas dinner at my aunt's place last year. Seriously, my dad is probably more hip and happening than me! Anyway, Kara! Looking at them on stage with their sexy dance moves made me go, "Hot damn!" For an instant, I suddenly had a girl crush by just looking at them hahaha. They didn't communicate much, I'm guessing it's probably because of the language barrier but they still did an awesome job but I do think that their performance was a little too short. Their final song was 'Mister' and if you've watched the MV for this song, you'll know that they have this famous 'butt dance move' and when I saw it live, I was very amazed and then got a little depressed after that because I knew that I can't 'bust a move' like them pffft. I'm kidding...I didn't really felt depressed lah.

Mizz Nina came performed next after Kara...while I still prefer Mizz Nina in her Teh Tarik Crew days, she's still not bad. Personally, I don't really fancy her songs except for 'What You Waiting For'...that's a pretty nice and fun song to hear. But still, gotta give props to her for implementing different sounds into her performance. The final performer to come out was none other than Jay Park. He came out and did a freestyle rap based on his song 'AOM & 1Lillionaire' and I was already very impressed by his swag-ness. Looking at him perform that night is like you knew he had been working hard to make his show the best as possible. He and his dance crew even did a b-boy dance performance in between his songs and it was really cool too! He sang the English version of 'Girlfriend', though I still prefer the Korean version better...everytime he did that 'pelvic dance move', the girls went crazy...yours truly included and he showed his abs like 3 times when he sang 'Turn Of The Phone+Do What We Do!!! Okay, I'm starting to act like a fangirl now. Well, all I can say is that I am VERY impressed with Jay Park's performance that night. He totally gave the best and I really enjoyed watching him on stage. The final song that he sang was 'Body2Body' from his FRESH A!R: BREATHE !T mixtape and indeed it was a perfect song to end the night :)

I wouldn't mind going to the next MTV World Stage again, provided if I can manage to score tickets and the lineups are singers/bands that I wanna see. It's tiring stand more than 8 hours straight...I am amazed at myself that I could manage to do that! But then, that's how going to a concert looks like right? Next concert will definitely be BIGBANG's! I'm worried that I might not get the tix for their concert seeing that the ticket sales might be sold out within seconds. But gotta be positive and hope for the best! Looking at my BIGBANG ticket fund...still not enough *sigh*

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