Monday, July 02, 2012

Vamos España

This year, I wasn't entirely hyped up about Euro 2012. Although I did followed the results from the start, I didn't managed to watch all matches because most of it started late and towards the knockout till the finals, all matches started at 2.45am! Plus I was really busy helping out with the exhibition and speaker series that I didn't want to sacrifice my sleeping time just to watch football. But since this morning was the final match between Spain and Italy, I just *had* to watch it and because of that, my head's getting heavier, my back is aching and I seriously need another cup of coffee to keep me sane throughout the entire day.

As predicted, Spain won! Not a real surprise there seeing that the team is strong and has been consistent in all the matches. I was hoping Italy could perform some magic seeing that they beat Germany and made it through the finals *sigh* But I gotta say, they played well too...maybe not as good as the previous matches but gotta give them some respect as well so it was pretty heartbreaking to see their faces when they lost to Spain especially Andrea Pirlo! Anyways, I do think Spain deserved to win. Fernando Torres, man that dude just came in for only 15 minutes towards the end of the match and freaking scored a goal. It's like he's a secret weapon or something and not forgetting he received the Golden Boot having only played two games and scored 3 goals.

Now that Euro is over, I guess everyone is looking forward to the new season of BPL. I look forward for Shinji Kagawa to make his debut in Old Trafford! It's already July and although I am glad that the exhibition is over, I will need to tackle tons of academic stuff which I 've been putting it off for a while. I also feel that my blog is on the verge of *touchwood* dying...well, not exactly but I've only had 6 posts in the month of June! That's just too little. Again, I am blaming the 'blogger's block'. Seriously, I need to get my feelings out! Everything's been clogging inside my mind and I don't even know what to do about it. Sorry for that and even if I haven't been updating stuff here,  please still have faith in me okay? Hahaha.  Ohhh man...having only 3 hours of sleep earlier feels like my lifespan is decreasing slowly and coffee is my drug at the moment.

I shall leave you with the cutest photo I could find from tumblr on Spain winning Euro 2012.

P/S: I totally have nothing against Spain and Torres. Apparently he played well for Spain but in Chelsea on the other hand...

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