Sunday, August 19, 2012


(Luna Park, Melbourne)
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My long awaited vacation is here! In case I haven't gave enough hint, I am heading to Melbourne today and obviously I am very excited about it :) This will be my first time visiting the land down under and even though I know that 5 days won't be enough to venture the entire city, I am still thankful that I have this chance to actually visit there. I think I'm gonna go on full 'Asian tourist' mode where I'll be taking HEAPS of photos (yes, food included) and go sight-seeing as much as the time allow. Of course spending time with my cousin Jess will also be in the agenda since I'll be staying at her place and she's basically my tour guide while I'm there. I also hope that I'll be able to get tons of art+design references and will be able to see some art exhibition, if there's any. So yeah...super excited! But right after I'm back, I will still need to tackle all the workload again! But I'm not gonna think about it now...

You know I don't usually get to travel often...I mean the only place that I travel to frequently is Sabah. But given the chance to travel anywhere, I am usually always up for it because my theory is...we should do more things while we are still young, wild and free haha. Okay, young and wild might not exactly be applicable to me though. There are times where we need to reward ourselves too especially when we've been working hard trying our best to earn $$$. If we have a little extra of money, then why not reward ourselves right? Of course provided you did work hard for it. There are still so many places that I want to go and also I wish I can go travelling with my family...but, I gotta work hard for it I guess. Saving money for this trip was a pain because every month there seems to be something that need to be paid and things to buy and because I totally suck in managing my financial stuff, it was just not easy to save. Then there's that concert that I am attending in October...the ticket kinda cost a fortune too *yikes*

Anyway, I might not be able to go online for a few days...well, maybe I still can if I can able to find any places that has a wifi but if I can't update anything here, I shall be back in a few days time! So here's wishing you guys a happy holiday and to all muslim friends and family, Selamat Hari Raya! Stay safe everyone and do pray for me too yeah?

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