Thursday, August 16, 2012


I think most of us would probably have that experience when you feel like you've done so much for your family or friends but they never seem to notice your effort at all. I tend to feel the same too like there was this time when I really did put extra effort in explaining stuff to my students during their Computer Graphic class. One thing you should know about teaching computer software to new students is that you need a lot of patience. Like lots of it. So even if I had to repeat the same thing over and over again, I need to be patient with my students in hope that they will understand better. By the time when the class ends, I was already crazy exhausted. Then I gave a thought about this and wondered whether my students would appreciate that 'extra effort' that I delivered in class on that day. But then I thought about it again and felt like if I am gonna be that kind of person who always wanted something in return then the effort or the help that I contributed to my family or friends seems like it was done without pure sincerity. Get what I mean? I just think that when we want to help someone or do something good, we should do it willingly without having to think of what will we get in return. 

If there's one valuable lesson that I learned from my dad is to always give and don't expect anything in return. Even if there's no one who can appreciate your effort, there's always one man who knows and appreciate it...which is God of course. I posted this quote on my tumblr a few days ago and thought I'd share it know just in case we're in this kind of situation :) Loved how the sun is used as the metaphor here.


Anyway, I'm probably just rambling random stuff here because there's not much stuff to blog about. The Olympic games are over and I've nothing to watch at night...well, there are still tons of K-dramas waiting for me but I'm just gonna take my time and watch all of it slowly. Been painting another owl (what else is new) for the Aztec Owl series. I might have screwed up with the colours but we'll see how it goes. Shall resume painting tonight!

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