Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For the time being

I probably don’t think I am able to update regularly as before seeing how busy my schedule is at the moment with the new semester and all…but my subconscious kept saying that I am probably just too lazy to do an update because there’s nothing much been going on and…I kinda agree with that. After writing down the previous post about the incident, I don’t exactly know how I felt. Relieved that I’ve let it out? Maybe…or maybe not. I wrote that post not to ask for pity or anything, I just thought I should share it out since there’s a lot of girls out there who are away from their families and living independently in this concrete jungle so I just wanted them to ‘try’ their best to stay safe wherever they are. My fear hasn’t exactly disappeared yet…I think it will take a long while because whenever I passed by a motorbike around the neighbourhood, my fear instantly shot up so as my heartbeat rate.

I know that some of my friends tried to see the funny side of this incident, but it’s probably still way too early for me to laugh about it. No offence, but I don’t appreciate the humour at the moment. Life is slowly getting back on track and when I am at work, I am grateful to be distracted by handling classes, students and etc. But still, that memory kept ‘haunting’ me from time to time, usually when I am laying on my bed getting ready to hit the sack. It’s as if I’m traumatized for life and I wonder whether I should go and see someone or not. But I’m not crazy…I’m just a little unwell haha (please don’t mind the lameness). I just needed to channel all the positive energy, pray and have faith in GOD that brighter days are ahead of me. That incident happened after I went to the sunset mass and I wondered how can it happen to me when I have never failed to ask God to give me protection whenever I go but stil,, I had to face this unfortunate encounter. I remembered I was crying when I said this to my mom and of course, my mom wouldn’t want me to blame God for this because He DID kept me safe by not letting the snatch thieves hurt me but just took all my belongings away.

I just…needed time to be okay with this. Like I've said, I can't instantly turn myself 360 degrees and be happy. Anyway, thank you for those who have read and offered all the kind words to me. My dear colleague has been fetching me to work as well as sending me home everyday. I feel kinda bad to burden people because it's not something that I usually like to do but I am grateful for friends who show  their love and care towards me *sniff* I will try to update more...I'm quite busy at the moment preparing stuff for classes and I HAVE to finish Eve's wedding invite which I've been putting on hold for a while. Sorry babe! In the meantime, here are some photos that I managed to save from my iPod before it got snatched away. Man, I miss my iPod. There's a panoramic photo app that I've downloaded not too long ago and got to use it while I was in Melbourne.

On the other note, I am dealing with A LOT of international students this semester....my colleague said that I'm like a UN ambassador of something heh. As much as I wish to talk more about my students, I don't think I should but...interestingly in my Design Fundamental class, I've got a student named Anastasia (actually there are two Anastasia in my class) and another student called Christian! That is so...Fifty Shades of Grey hahaha.

View it in larger size in my flickr album.

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