Monday, September 17, 2012

Long weekend

I love long weekend and when a public holiday falls on a Monday.I managed to get a good rest, finished reading my book, done practising the 'cola pen' lettering for class tomorrow and managed to catch two episodes of The Voice Season 3 today. Love to be at home at times like this :) I really should put effort to blog more. Just that there's really nothing much been going on. Oh, I read this post from a blogger that I've been following for a while. It was about her brother who gets attacked by two men on a motorbike on his way home from the petrol station. The men were trying to rob him and his gf but luckily they managed to escape and reached home safely. Reading yet another similar case is seriously making me feel so unsafe in my own country. I really wish the government will do something about this...but then, I don't know. Wanting the government to take swift action might not be happening soon I guess. So please everyone, just be safe wherever you are.

Jess is back and is currently staying with me again. I'm glad to have company and a family member at the moment. At least I won't feel so alone at my current place now hehe. Anyway, it's back to work tomorrow! Hope you guys had a great long weekend and sincere congrats to my colleague/coffee buddy for finally proposing to his other half. Happy for you bruh.

P/S: Jess and I have decided to go for Maroon 5's concert this Thursday! Second time seeing this band...bring it on!

P/P/S: G-Dragon's new video is full of swag.

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