Friday, September 28, 2012

Pray v2.0

Quote via pinterest
Handwritten by me.

I recently saw this quote from pinterest and thought it is a really nice quote that serve as a reminder to us whenever we pray. You know I still am wondering whether I am praying in the right way or not or whether I am asking the right thing to God or am just asking things for my own desire. I think back when I was a teen, I was a little naive and was praying for things like, let's hope Nick Carter will be my boyfriend or Taylor Hanson will marry me someday. Ahhh...wishful thinking and of course now I know that these are the things that we're not supposed to pray for.

I also realised that as you grow up and become a little wiser...well I hope I am, the things that I pray for are those simple things like good health, strength and courage, protection and also good faith. Like what the preist said in mass last week, don't pray for your own desires but pray to be closer to God and your neighbour. Even if we pray for something good we might not end up getting it...I guess that's how God works with us. But even if we won't get what we want, God will still answer our prayers but probably in a different way. I wanted to write something inspiring again but I guess I failed so anyway, just have faith! Ask and ye shall receive.

September is coming to an end and I kinda look forward for October because I seem to have tons of stuff to do like joining the We Run KL marathon (yes, I am suprised myself), field trip to Malacca and of course BIGBANG's concert. Well, it's good to be busy I guess. I have started running again in order for me to prepare for my first marathon ever. I'm hoping to build back my stamina in two weeks time and I don't know if I am able to do so but I gotta believe I can wish me luck.

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