Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Street art

There are heaps of photos that I wanted to share during my recent short trip to Melbourne but since I've mentioned that I might not be able to update regularly for the time being, I shall post stuff on my Melbourne trip at random times, whenever I can find the time to do so yeah? So to start of, I ventured Melbourne city on the 3rd day of my trip after going on a two days road trip to Philip Island and Great Ocean Road (photos will be up soon). Jess and I took the tram all the way to Flinders Street where one of the beautifully designed building, Federation Square is located. Just opposite Flinders Street, there is a lane where you are able to find awesome graffiti and street art drawn by different artists. I felt like I've entered a graffiti paradise!

So many beautiful stuff to see and I was VERY impressed looking at all the colourful artworks. The lane is located along Hosier Street and it was one of the places that I planned to visit ever since I saw friends posting photos of the lane and I am glad Jess managed to bring me there. Will definitely re-visit the lane again if I have the chance someday. I bet there are gonna be more new drawings in the future. Enjoy the photos :)

Of course we wanna take a photo with the Joker hehe. RIP Heath!
This is by far my favourite section. LOVE the typos and colours. 

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