Saturday, October 27, 2012


The D-Day! The concert that I've been patiently waiting for and it's happening today. This might be THE ultimate concert that I'm attending this year...well, one of the best concerts I've been this year was Lee Hom's and I bet BIGBANG's concert will be awesome too. Don't wanna sound like a fangirl or anything because I am telling myself  to be very calm at the moment. My bff was supposed to arrive here in KL on early Friday morning but her flight got cancelled and so many hassle has been going on that I am too lazy to write about...anyway, she finally got everything sorted out and as I am typing this, she's in the plane flying to KL and will be arriving at 3am later. I know she's been so stressed out about this, I mean if I were in her shoes I would be stressed too but after all these crazy stuff, I am just thankful and glad that everything's been sorted out. I didn't wanna go to the concert with anyone but her hehe.

Well, the concert will definitely be insane and obviosuly there's no point competing with the true VIPs so yeah, I'm just gonna go there and have a good time. Will write a 'report' on the concert soon hahaha. In the meantime, here's a video of BIGBANG, an old one actually when they were still in their hiphop style, you know big shirts and baggy pants and all. I love this song and I've been listening to it a lot lately. Probably because T.O.P's rap is just....*le sigh*

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