Sunday, October 14, 2012

That marathon thing

I'm sure we all have a bucket know 'that' list of things that we wanna do before we die or before we reach a certain age. I have one too though I haven't exactly sort my bucket list properly but running for a marathon was one of them and guess what? I can finally cross that on my list now hehe. Well, it was actually my first time ever joining a marathon. I've registered to join the Nike Run about 3 months ago together with my colleagues and I just thought it'll be fun and a good experience for me. So many things had happened within the 3 months and I only managed to sort of train myself two weeks before the race. This is SO typical of me, doing things at the very last minute and again, procrastinating at its best. I thought in that 2 weeks of training, I can loosen up my muscles and build back my stamina for the race but boy, I was wrong. As I am typing this, my entire body is enduring a lot of pain.When I woke up and tried to bend both my legs, it was almost impossible! 

I guess this is very normal for first-timers who are running for a marathon right? Unless I really had been running consistently then it shouldn't be a problem like my fellow colleagues. Anyway, I'm gonna limp myself to work tomorrow and hopefully I won't need to walk that much so that I can heal faster. So how'd I find the entire event? It wasn't bad. I actually did enjoyed the run though I still wish it was a morning run instead of evening. I ran at the pace that I am most comfortable with and still managed to finish the run within 2 hours so...I'm pretty proud of myself heheh and also managed to get the Finisher t-shirt too :) 

I wish the organisers can be a little bit MORE organised though, I mean c'mon I have high expectations on Nike you know. The finishing line was in Padang Merbok and because it was raining in the morning till late afternoon, the field was all muddy and it was definitely not a pleasant scene to be. Plus the shuttle bus to Jalan Ampang took so long to wait that we ended up walking 10km back to KLCC. At one point, I really can't feel my legs anymore. I would love to join more marathon next year if possible but I should at least be well prepared and train myself better and not only start training 2 weeks before pffft. Running is great...I know it's kinda like a trend that people like to do these days but to think about your own health and all, I think all of us should do more exercise, no? Plus as you can see I am not or will never be in the 'thin' category but decreasing the size of my 'bye bye arms' and 'clapping thighs' would be good hahaha. Hence, I shall run more right after my legs are completely healed. Man, two of my colleagues ran non-stop for the entire 10km journey! I would like to do that as well. Indeed it was a great experience! Nike Run 2013, I might see you again next year, you know provided that the event organiser will be 100 times better :)

P/S: Sorry I haven't been updating much but October seems to be a busy month for me but I will try my best to post more ok!

Here we are posing at the Nike shop in KLCC. Now I realised that I am actually quite short and I totally
have the Kadazan calves!
The starting line. 
KL skyscrapers.
My finishing time. Oklah, not so bad for a first-timer eyy? But definitely can be better.
Tired and drenched with sweat but we made it!

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