Sunday, October 07, 2012

The big three-oh

Batman and Spiderman forever. 
Yesterday was my brother's birthday and he has finally hit the big 3-0! Being at that age scares me, I'm not kidding and I  have 2 more years before I join the club as well. I guess it's because you've sort of hit a milestone and you would just stop for a while and think of how or what have you achieved in your 20s. I, for sure hasn't achieve that much yet *sigh*

Anyway, my brother and I are not the kind of siblings who would openly declare our love to each other or even hug each other in front of others. I can say that we're a little awkward when it comes to 'psychical gestures'. I don't know why...but that's just who we are heh. But of course I love him nevertheless because he is my one and only sibling and despite our differences; he likes Megadeth and I like Hanson, he's a really cool person to talk and hang out with. If anything bad (touchword) ever happen to him, I wouldn't even know what to do and I will find it hard to live without him. Personally, I've always wanted the best for I always want to put him as a priority first before me. I guess it's because he's older than me so I always felt like he should be given the priority first. I'm not that selfish you know haha.

Well, for his 30th birthday, here are some of the things that I wish for him:
1. Get his life back on track. I know sometimes things don't exactly work out for us and I don't claim that my life is awesome at the moment but we're adults and there are bigger responsibilities that we have to handle now. So we can't exactly waste our time to just go out and have fun. I mean, yes we can have fun but like I've said, we're adults and we definitely have some other things to be more focused on now.

2. Stay in shape. Beer belly is for married 'uncles' and it's definitely not sexy at all.

3. I also wish that the good Lord will always guide and protect him in every way. Whatever decision that he makes or whatever path that he chose to go (hopefully not the bad path), we're always here to back you up. But sometimes, you gotta put effort in yourself to achieve what you want as well. God will act as your guardian and it is up to you to make things work.

Again, I don't claim that I am better than him or anything...I'm just a sister who cares :) I just hope that if my brother reads this, he won't get weirded out by this post. This is actually something that's very honest that I've written to my brother. I don't do this a lot haha. Happy Birthday again! Hope it was a good one and God bless always!

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very like n very sincere