Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fail, fail again. Fail better

I've been having a few rounds of painting sessions in my room the past few days...I'm calling it 'late night painting session' because I usually start doing it from midnight onwards. I somehow felt more 'in peace' and it is much easier to find 'solace' whenever I start working late at night. I guess it's because almost everyone is sleeping at that time and my mind doesn't seems to exhaust me with crazy stuffs hence the reason why work always starts at midnight :) Anyway, I self-declared that the two paintings from the photos above as fail because I was not satisfied with it :( I didn't really liked how the colours turned out to be for my second 'aztec owl' version and I was working on another portrait of BIGBANG's T.O.P but the more I look at it, I felt that eye, the lips and the jaw looks odd so I decided to stop and leave it just like that. Like I've said, I never claim to be good at this and I get frustrated at times when I screwed up a painting but since I like doing it so much, I wouldn't mind to try it again. These photos will serve as a reminder that my next painting will eventually be a better one haha. Well, at least I hope it will be good. So yeah, let's see how it goes :) Recently I was told that my friend Ken reads my blog and it kinda freaks me out (here goes my insecurities again) because he's like THE man with magic hands and can draw anything and it'll always look awesome. I don't know what he'll think about my paintings though but, you know what...whether he'll like it or not, it's his choice right? In the meantime, I'll just keep doing what I do and keep a positive mind. I really miss him a lot though haha.

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