Friday, November 09, 2012

First time in Ipoh

Last weekend, I was in Ipoh to attend my ex-college mate's wedding. It was actually my first time to be in Ipoh, I've passed by the town twice on the way to Penang but never got the chance to venture around the town until last Saturday. I'm glad that I was able to join in this little trip because meeting old college mates after a while is always nice and having the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life is even better. I thought it'll be a kinda awkward again because these bunch of college mates are the bunch that I don't frequently hang out with during college time, one of them even thought that I couldn't really converse in Mandarin and only speaks English all the time haha. Well, apparently that's not true cos I CAN converse in Mandarin although there's still a lot of polishing up to do. Anyway, there wasn't any major awkwardness as I thought in my head because everyone seems to remain the same, just the way they are back in our college time :) 

The wedding dinner was good, food and company was good as well. Then the after party back in the hotel room was even better haha. As per usual, alcohol and those crazy drinking games were involved. I pretty much turned myself into a lobster but I wasn't drunk so...that was a good sign but I was pretty embarrassed by my lobster face though :/ The next day before we head back to KL, Hui Min (our college friend who's wedding we attended) brought us to eat dim sum. If you don't already know, I LOVE dim sum a lot but I don't usually get the chance to eat with with a bunch of friends often so it's really nice when I was able to do that in Ipoh. We also went to get some souvenirs to bring home, well not exactly souvenirs but more like foods and the famous Ipoh White Coffee. Our last stop was to visit the Ipoh Cave Temple. It was quite an eye opening for me because I've never been to a temple that's attached to a cave before! I'm pretty impressed by the whole structure of the temple and it's cool that Ipoh has this one of a kind temple for tourist to visit too.

You're able to take the stairs all the way up and because I was curious to know what's on top of the cave, I decided to go all the way up. Man, it felt like climbing the stairs at The Great Wall Of China again, but this time around my acrophobia did not come and attack me. It was quite a tiring journey but it's all thanks to my Kadazan strength, I was able to reach to the top of the cave without much trouble. Honestly, the view from up there wasn't that's like you can just probably see half of Ipoh I guess? But it's okay, the feeling when you're able to reach on top is kinda amazing haha. Just like how you'd feel when you've reach the summit of Mount KK. It started raining when we started our journey back to KL and we witnessed like 4 accidents along the way but I am grateful that we managed to reach KL safely in one piece. 

One of my college mate told me that there's a difference when you hang out with your colleagues and your friends from college and I totally agree on that. I mean my colleagues are great and all but I can see that when I meet my old college mates again, it feels like you can just let your hair down more 'freely' and the atmosphere is so much more 'fun'. That is why when I was in Ipoh with my college mates, I felt really happy. I don't really know how to explain that 'feeling' exactly but it's like I was in a state of happiness. I'm glad to be able to create this memory once again with my of these days, I'll look back and will definitely be grateful to have known these bunch of people in my life. Here's to making more memories!

Good times.
Dim Sum is <3.
We're halfway through...
The right kind of smile hahaha.
View from the top.


Ivan Ho said...

HAHAHA this is it the foto. u see the left leg muscle it makes my heart skip 2 beat. kidding~ this is not janet jackson smile. It is Mr Fit's smile. haha

Vivien Dumpangol said...

i see that you've been working out. good on you. haha