Friday, November 30, 2012

November. End.

Christmas decoration in Sunway Pyramid.

Wow I can't believe it's gonna be December tomorrow. Last month of the year, and in just about 3 weeks time, I'm gonna fly back to KK to celebrate Christmas and New year. As much as I look forward for my own holiday, there are still stuffs to be done here. The semester is ending next week and I'm feeling quite stressed as well as concern over (some) students because I don't know if they will pass and make it to the next semester. It's like you've given them so many chances and yet, they are taking those chances for granted. Anyway, I am wishing them the very best of luck in finishing all their final projects in time seeing that these 2 weeks is gonna be hell to them hahaha. Not being evil or anything but, this kind of crucial moments...I've experienced it before so yeah...I understand :) 

I also realised that since it's gonna be the last month of the year, I tend to have so many things to do in so little time. Do you feel the same? It's like I am running against time to  complete all the task before I start my holidays. I just hope the month of December will treat me good. I've been feeling like an 'emotional wreck' for some unknown reason haha. My feelings are upside down, I've been crying, I've been smiling, I've been happy, sad...the feelings are all jumbled up, it has been pretty crazy lately. But here's to a brand new month with more positivity and more happiness! After all, Christmas is coming and it's gonna be the most wonderful time of the year no? My birthday wishes goes out to my cousin Audrey and also to Elfie, have a great one both of you xoxo.

P/S: Look out for my new Christmas header tomorrow. Unveiling at 12am (MYT) hehe.

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