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The one with the BIGBANG concert

Who would've thought that in the span of (almost) a year, I have turned myself from a non K-Pop fan into a sort of K-Pop fan. I don't know how it began but it was early this year, I realised that I kinda grew a little tired listening to US hip hop songs because apparently most of the songs I listen talks about women, sex, party, money, hoes...and that's pretty much about. Well, not to say hip hop/R&B music in the US is bad or anything but...I don't know, I just kinda grew tired listening to it...until I discovered Frank Ocean and Frank Miguel! Okay, that's another story to tell. So one fine day, my colleague (who's an ardent KPOP fan) posted BIGBANG's Bad Boy video on his facebook and because I was curious on how the video and song is gonna be, I decided to watch it and then BOOM! I became an instant fan.

My bff Simone has been a BIGBANG fan for a while and I remembered that she has been talking about them to me from time to time but I guess I wasn't really that interested in discovering their music because I obviously was too caught up listening to a lot of US commercial songs. I knew BIGBANG has been in the music industry in a while hence I decided to listen to their old tracks and the outcome was...I am totally hooked on their music and I regret not knowing this group earlier! Anyway to make the long story short, when I found out that Malaysia was included as one of the countries for their Alive Galaxy Tour, I was beyond excited and told myself that I just have to go and attend the concert and that one person that I wanted to go to the concert with was of course, Simone because without her I wouldn't know the existence of these 5 talented men haha.

The concert ticket was on sale since July and initially Simone and I planned to get the VIP tix because it'll be worth it eventhough it was very pricey and we might only survive eating bread and sardine everyday. Unfortunately, we didn't managed to score the VIP tickets because it was sold out in the span of 2 hours as soon as the organiser opened the ticket counters. FYI, I was 'one those people' who queued up at Fahrenheit shopping mall to purchase the tickets. It took me 4 hours to finally reach the counter because the queue was insanely long. Like REALLY long, no kidding. So we ended up with no VIP tickets...kinda disappointed about it but oh well, you can't always get what you want right? On the positive note, at least we are still gonna attend the concert and secured two tickets already :) There was a major drama on the day Simone was supposed to fly to KL and because of all the havoc at the airport, her flight was cancelled twice. I was so worried that she might not make it and was gonna miss the ultimate concert of the year! But the universe decided to give us once more chance and after all the drama-rama, Simone still managed to fly to KL. Thank goodness for that. Praying works you know? Hehe. 

On the concert day, both of us had decided to not reach Stadium Merdeka early because we do realise that we're not exactly *cough* that young anymore hence, waiting for hours before the gates are open at the stadium is not something that we wanted to do heh. On our way to KL Sentral (we took the monorail to Stadium Merdeka), it started raining cats and dogs but luckily it stopped once we reached the Stadium. We managed to reach there at the right time and as predicted, there were a lot of people already. We went to have a look at the official merchandise booth to see if we can get any nice stuff and I bought their official Alive Galaxy Tour shirt! I will wear it out soon haha. The organisers only managed to let everybody in around 6pm and it was a chaos trying to get inside because people started to push each other The view from our seating area to the stage was not so bad...I mean of course sitting at the VIP area would be ten times better but I shall not complain but be grateful instead :) The concert was scheduled to start at 8pm but half an hour before, it started raining cats and dogs again! So we had to wait and endure the rain patiently...wearing a raincoat doesn't really guarantee you to be fully dry, fyi. Once the rain has stopped, it was already 8pm and we still had to wait for a while because the stage was wet and the staffs needed to mop it to make sure it's dry. The stage wasn't even that dry after the rain but the show has to go on so after 15 minutes, the lights went off and everyone including me was already screaming like maniacs. The intro was really cool, the screen was showing a video of this galaxy thing...a little bit like Transformers in my opinion haha. Then suddenly 5 capsules appeared on stage and at that moment, I was telling Simone, "Ohmaigassshhh they're here!!!!!!" BIGBANG then came out from the capsules while the introductory song, 'Alive' was playing at the background. Everybody went crazy after that. I can't even contain myself when I saw my ultimate bias, T.O.P on stage. I just went from being calm and then suddenly turned myself this crazy screaming fangirl hahaha. 

The first song they performed was 'Tonight'. Definitely a good choice of song to hype up the entire audience. Everybody was jumping, dancing, screaming and showing off their crownsticks during the performance. BIGBANG members spoke a lot of English, which is good so that all of us could understand. GD's english accent sounds like American but I like it! Taeyang pronounced Malaysia as Ma-lay-shee-ah and I think T.O.P was the most shyest among all and carefully spoke his English cos I think he had to memorise it haha BUT, he also got the most screams by the fans. It's like when it was his part to rap or sing, the screams by the fans was really loud. I seriously can't get enough of listening to T.O.P's voice, his move, his charm...basically everything lah haha. Seungri was definitely the crowd pleaser. He tought everyone the Fantastic Baby dance and told everyone to move their hands like a car wiper lol. Daesung, okay he might not be the BEST looking member BUT for me, he is the most genuine person and when he performed Wings, he was smiling sincerely to the fans. His voice was amazing too! I really did enjoyed his solo performance. G-Dragon, no doubt has so much swag in him. The way he dance, sing and raps...everything is just full of swag.

One of my favourite part of the concert was also when GD&TOP came out and performed 'Knock Out' and 'High High'. I really like it when both of them join forces to perform and rap. Awesome double double combo haha. I am hoping there's gonna be a GD&TOP vol. 2 album soon! When Taeyang came out to perform his solo songs, he was walking towards the front but accidentally slipped and almost fell...but he was quick to balance himself and got up #likeaboss. Another favourite part of the concert was when BIGBANG performed 'Haru Haru' in acoustic style and asked theVIPs to sing the chorus together. Right after the song, the fans started singing an early Happy Birthday song to  T.O.P (his birthday is on Nov 4th) and he just stood there totally feeling speechless hahaha. It seems like GD and Taeyang had to remind him that the fans sang a birthday song for him and when he realised about it, he said "Terima Kasih", in which he pronounced as 'Terima Kah-Sheeh" lol.

There are still A LOT of concert moments to tell but I think if I were to share it all, I won't be able to finish this post. All I can say is that I truly enjoyed the entire concert, not only because of BIGBANG but I am very amazed by the whole stage set up. I think it costed like 4mil? Plus the BIGBANG band! They're all African Americans and they were soooo good too. God bless their talents :) BIGBANG gave a really good fanservice that night...I guess it was probably because they saw the fans waiting patiently for them even though they (the fans) had to endure the  heavy rain before the concert starts. I'm pretty sure BIGBANG was touched by it hahaha. This is definitely the best concert I've attended this year, after Lee Hom :) Totally no regrets at all. Next time when they're here again I am so gonna get the VIP tickets! *crosses fingers* I probably need to make more friends with the ultimate VIPs here and I probably can secure myself and Simone with VIP tickets next time. It was a VERY good night indeed and of course, having my best friend attending the concert together  with me was worth it too. If you are interested in knowing more details, just don't hesitate to ask me personally yeah?

BIGBANG's Set List:

1. Alive (Intro)
2. Tonight
3. Hands Up
4. Fantastic Baby
5. How Gee
6. Stupid Liar
7. Ppeokigayo(Knock out) - GDTOP
8. High High - GDTOP
9. Strong Baby - SEUNGRI
10. What Can I Do - SEUNGRI
11. Gara Gara Go
12. Number 1
13. Cafe+Crayon (Short part) - One of a Kind (Short part) - GD
14. Bad Boy
15. Blue
16. Love Song
17. Monster
18. Feeling
19. Look Only At Me - TAEYANG
20. Wedding Dress - TAEYANG
21. Wings - DAESUNG
22. Haru Haru
23. Lies
24. Last Farewell

25. Heaven2
6. Bad Boy
27. Fantastic Baby
28. Hands Up

This is such a loooooong post. I shall stop now and in the meantime, enjoy the photos!

I don't do cute-sy pose like this at all but T.O.P did it hence I wanted to do it too haha.

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