Monday, December 31, 2012

Adios 2012


Too much fun in KK and the lack of sleep that I get during my holiday has resulted me to be sick *again* well...not seriously sick but two days ago I woke up with a throbbing headache and a flu. My mum was like "That's the result of sleeping late everyday," and I couldn't agree more haha. I'm feeling better now and I've been spending time indoors the past few days so I am A-OK as for now. Last night I've read this blog post and it made me realise that I have been having too much fun here and all my previous blog entries were all those 'YAY I AM HAVING SOOO MUCH FUN' kind of post so since today is the last day of year 2012, I thought I should do a little reflection on how 2012 has been treating me. 

To start of, I personally think that 2012 has been pretty good! Also pretty fulfilling to me too. But the first few months of 2012 hasn't exactly been THAT great because there was this time when I was given this really long lecture from a friend and it had left me so felt like my life is tumbling down haha. There's so many things that I wanted to express out but I guess the after effect of that 'lecture' was too much that the best thing I could think of is to just keep everything inside. I mean it's not that I am angry or sad or anything, it's just...I don't know, let's just say that it was a dark time for me hahaha. One of the things that I struggle the most with myself in year 2012 was I am always trying *so hard* to live up with people's expectation and sometimes when I knew that I couldn't achieve it, it made me felt like I always fail in every task that I am given. It happened when I was assigned to handle the designs for the department's project. It seems to me that everyone expects me to be good in everything but I'm that was pretty hard for me as well. Eventually I got over it again...I'm surprised sometimes on how can I just move on and continue living my life. I guess I am always convinced that better days are always ahead.

One thing that I am glad despite all the crazy stuff that has been happening around me, I have not been neglecting God and I've been constantly praying to Him. I guess because of that, I am able to live life as it is and it took away a lot of my worries as well. The day where I got mugged by 3 men was a traumatic experience that will forever be in my mind. Even though it has been months since that incident, but it's still hard to not think about it. I guess that's the way of life, sometimes you have to go through all these to become better plus all the trial and tribulations can be something that we can learn from as well. My aunt told me during our Christmas dinner that if we are always living a happy life without any failures, it doesn't really mean anything but if our life comes with a lot of challenges, then God will eventually grant us an eternal life.

Anyway, not everything that had happened in year 2012 has been a bad one. There are so many happy/exciting moments for me as well. I managed to do another self-fund trip and decided to visit the land down under for the first time. Melbourne was superb! (I haven't even do a proper blog post on it yet) and I've also attended quite a number of concerts as well. The ultimate one was no doubt, BIGBANG! The time I've spent with my family (although not so often), my friends, colleagues, cousins and even my students this year will also be cherished. I may still not be the best daugther/sister/friend yet but I do hope that the times that you've spent with me shall be cherished too :)

I don't know what 2013 will bring but let's us all hope that it will be an awesome one with a lot of promises, opportunities and challenges that we are ready to face again. I pray that my family will always be looked after and will always receive blessings from God, not forgetting to my relatives and friends as well. I also pray that I, too will always be looked after and be under God's protection wherever I am. 2012 has been great but it is time to say goodbye and welcome another brand new year.


Ivan Ho said...

Oh dear. Normally i will not click any link but this time u make me very curious to click it base on what u've written. & it is surprise it link to me, I thought my internet explorer out of order y it goes to my page. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Ivan Ho said...

Anyway I can see & tell that u put the afford on yourself which is a very good start. & improved a lot. Your friend that gave u lecture must be a "Mr know it all" haha. U should F him back. Sometimes i donno whether i'm wrong or right. I cant simply use the the name of god as well. Just remember to love yourself no matter who u are. Focus on yourself. Is unnecessary to receive people's assurance, we need to plant that confident seed in our heart. God has given the freedom to us, just set it right.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

thanks for the kind words need to F my friend because the things he said also got point la so just take it as a lesson. i shall try my best to be better in 2013!