Friday, December 28, 2012

Chasing the sun...set

Sunset in panoramic view.
With lé cousins.

We literally did chased the sun before it finally sets down once we reached the Sunset Bar in STAR resort. I've never been to the Sunset Bar before but heard people talking about it and also random photos that has been posted online. It is definitely a tourist attraction, where you are able to witness the beautiful sunset while enjoying a glass of beer or any alcoholic beverage that you like. I think the best time to witness the sunset is around 5pm. My cousins and I arrived pretty late yesterday, at almost 6.30pm. We still managed to witness the sunset but only for a couple of minutes and then it started to drizzle. We did not even sit at the bar because it seems crowded with tourists but I don't mind going there again to get the whole sunset experience and the next time I'm going there, I should be there a little earlier :) 

Being a Sabahan, I still can't get enough of the beauty that KK has to offer. After years of living in the concrete jungle; also known as Kuala Lumpur, you will realise that nothing beats home. Speaking about KL also made me realise that I've 4 more days left before I am flying off always, I am feeling so reluctant to leave because being on a holiday just felt soooo good and having to face reality again is the last thing that comes into your mind. I'm pretty sure we all experience this before right?

Another sunset post.

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