Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm coming home!

In the span of four days at work, I have been consuming coffee like there's tomorrow in order to survive that four days of training that I had to attend. Yesterday was the last day of the training and when I was about to hit the sack at 2am this morning, I realised how exhausted I've been not only because of the training but from all the task that I have to complete before I leave for the holidays. My birthday came and go...just like that and then work decided to keep me busy. But, it's Friday 4 days training is done, my important tasks at work are pretty much done as well, and I am finally heading back to KK tomorrow! Of course I always get excited thinking about home...even during the training, I was trying so hard to absorb all the things that the speakers have presented to us but to no avail. My mind was wondering around...thinking on all the stuff that I wanna eat when I'm back home haha. 

Anyway, I've no idea how this year's Christmas is gonna be like but I just hope it's gonna be good. All my cousins will be in KK including Merl and Jess so there's probably a Christmas or New Year's Eve get together with everyone at home :) Well the next time I blog,  I will be blogging in the comfort of my own bedroom in Penampang. So....see you at the east side!

On the other note, I've watched two movies recently; The Life Of Pi and The Hobbit. Both are awesome, I enjoyed it! Plus I'm also back on instagram at the moment...Merl generously loaned me her iPod Touch to me so...follow me if you want to :) @viviendumpangol

Went to Pasta Zanmai during my birthday.  Wasn't expecting the Jess to order the ice-cream  for me
but THANK YOU love!
Besides coffee, I've been doing random doodles in that 4 days of training.
Had a gift exchange/gift hunt with my workmates today. Actually,
it was my first time participating a gift hunt haha. The person that I'm giving
the gift to is my bruh, LW.
It's 冬至 festival today. Had a taste of tangyuan made from my colleague.

More photos soon!

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