Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Joyeux Noel

Blessed Christmas everyone! I just got back from my aunt's place a while ago...it's pretty much like an annual thing to have a Christmas celebration at her place. 'Twas a good night filled with good food, very yummeh Christmas butter cake and stories from the good old days. I hope your Christmas has been good too. Just read this article a few minutes ago and thought I should share it since it is a good reminder for us to understand the meaning of celebrating Christmas...of course it's not all about santa, reindeers, gifts and snowman. It is indeed to celebrate the birth of Christ :)

Keeping The Christ In Christmas by Rev Run

A wise man once said, if you don’t have Christmas in your heart you will not find it under your tree.

Christmas is really about Christ.
When we take the Christ out of Christmas, we are left with X-mas.
Don’t let anyone X out the true meaning of Christmas.
Happiness truly shows up when you have God in your life and your loved ones by your side. 
We all know it’s true.
After all the gifts are opened and you’re together with family and friends.
That’s when the true happiness begins!
(On this Christmas day we must REMEMBER TO REMEMBER)
It’s not only about the gifts that’s under the tree, it’s not only about you, it’s not only about me.  
So when you sit down to eat please remember to pray, thanking God always for his glorious day.
Merry Christmas From Rev Run 
(source: globalgrind.com)

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